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Topic: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

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    Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    This summer, I’m going to use my student loans to invest in a G5 desktop with Logic Pro 6 (comes with the EXS24mkII software sampler) and hopefully BOTH VSL opus 1 & EWQL Silver (depends if I can still afford EWQLSO after Opus).

    The question is, whats the best way to setup a new computer system to handle Logic and these orchestral libraries? e.g. Min RAM, Hard Disk setup (quantity, speed, data allocation, etc.) It would stink if I screwed up and bought a system that could not handle my situation. Remember, right now I'll be running a SINGLE desktop computer (probably a G5). Is it possible to write epic pieces for full orchestra using only one computer?

    If its not too much trouble, please include your current setup on your posts, and how well that works for you on a typical job. If you had to buy a new system today, what would you make sure it had?

    Thank you for all your help,

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    Re: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    True Dat,

    Wait another few weeks and you will be glad you did so. You'll probably be able to get a Dual 3ghz G5 with the new dual layer DVD Superdrive, 4 SATA slots, and up to 8gigs of RAM. Very sweet!

    RAM and drive speed will be crucial in your quest for an all in one workstation. Hopefully 10,000rpm SATA drives are not too far behind.

    I think you will be quite pleased with your new computer.

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    Re: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    Epic orchestra on one G5? With the setup you described you shouldn't have a problem. At the standard 512MB offering playback can be a little choppy so opt for 2GB minimum. You'll need a second hard drive for your sample libraries to keep things running and sounding smooth.

    10K Raptor drives are cool - but you don't really need them for either VSL Opus 1 or EWQLSO Silver. (Now for 24-bit nki files from the EWQLSO Platinum library, 10K raptors are essential.) An extra WD 160 (like what is included on a stock G5 at 7200rpm) works fine for streaming samples, keeping Logic on your applications drive.

    Dual G5 2Ghz w/2GB ram
    2 - WD160 drives - one for apps, the other for samples
    Logic Platinum 6
    VSL First Edition (EXS24MkII Version)
    VSL 5GB Update (EXS24MkII Version)
    EWQLSO Silver Edition
    EWQLSO Gold Edition
    QL Rare Ethnic Instruments (EXS24MkII Version)
    StormDrum (Kompakt and Intakt)
    Spectrasonics Atmosphere

    Second Computer:

    VisionDAW PC 2.8Ghz
    36GB 10K Raptor for Samples
    EWQLSO Gold Edition
    EWQLSO Silver Edition
    Best Service Galaxy 5:1 Steinway
    StormDrum Kompakt

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    Re: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    Today is supposedly the day!

    Keep checking Apple.com and MacCentral.com

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    Angry Re: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    They didn't show today but my I'd bet on this week.... next tues at the latest.

    dual 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 gigs
    The 4 sata bays look likely.
    Even an apple tech today hinted about the dual layer superdrives.

    I think I'm jumping in on this update.


    Waves still are not working on 10.3.3 - they are stuck on 10.3.2

    The new macs will likely need 10.3.4

    ahhh..... the endless upgrade spiral.

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    Re: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    What's a dual layer superdrive?

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    Re: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    Rev B. is out. Check http://www.apple.com/

    They enable you to burn on both side of a DVD, giving you twice the capacity, but there´s "only" an 8x DVD Burner in the current model.

    Here´s the specs:

    Dual 2.5GHz PowerPC G5
    1.25GHz frontside bus/processor
    512K L2 cache/processor
    512MB DDR400 SDRAM
    Expandable to 8GB SDRAM
    160GB Serial ATA
    8x SuperDrive
    Three PCI-X Slots
    ATI Radeon 9600 XT
    128MB DDR video memory
    56K internal modem

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    Re: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    Thanks. I thought so.

    Quote Originally Posted by christopher
    Rev B. is out. Check http://www.apple.com/

    What's Rev. B?

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    Re: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    Actually a Dual Layer DVD burner allows you to burn twice the data on the same side of the disc, thus achieving the about 8 gigs of data per disk AND a label

    Unfortunately Apple didn't include those in, however they are out in stores for about $250 and offer a great way to back up your data.

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    Re: Optimal Mac Setup for Running Samples Libs...

    New Macs are out!! I'm glad I waited. Does anyone want to change their setup options now that the new specs are out? http://www.apple.com/powermac/specs.html

    I plan on bite'n the bullet and get the dual 2.5GHZ G5, upgrade to at least 2GB of Ram to start, with the 250GB ATA Drives (only two internal slots?) Lee Blaske, you mentioned that there are companies that make adapters to add two additional SATA drives. How necessary, do you feel, its it to have? Will an external firewire 800 drive work just as well for sample storage, or are the seek times of internal drives necessary? Also Frederick, you mentioned that the WD160 drives work fine, so is there a need to even upgrade to the 250's?

    Thanks again for all your help,

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