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Topic: Gigastudio Message Server and Native Instruments

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    Gigastudio Message Server and Native Instruments

    Has anyone noticed any negative effects from the Gigastudio message server (msg32) on Galaxy Steinway/GPO/Kontakt/Kompakt performance or stability? I have disabled it because a) I don't run GS so much these days and b) I was having all kinds of wierd dropout problems with rendering and resorted to brute-force debugging. If there are no anecdotal reports of problems, I'll probably turn it on again but I really have better things to do than dive into another debug effort so I thought I would check with the collective intelligence of the community just in case.


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    Re: Gigastudio Message Server and Native Instruments

    Do you have anything else running in ram? Viral scanners? Firewall Software? Logitech keyboard/mouse utils & that sort of thing? Best to keep these things off your system if you can, and run a separate one with all those kind of things. I run GS and NI sampling stuff together @ sub 5ms with no trouble these days, but pre XP install i had various other things running in ram and would get random pops regardless of what i did.

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