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Topic: Adam's Theme again

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    Adam's Theme again

    We have a new headline in the forum, so i would like to post my short memorial peace for Adam Burford here again.

    Please listen and comment if you want to


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    Hi avalongalaxy,

    I find your piece very good managedly. The gentle sound is very beautiful and your abilities of composition convince on the whole line. I would be pleased with hearing more of you ...



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    Re: Adam's Theme again

    you can hear more on the demo site of personalorchestra.
    Scroll the list and look for Andreas Max, you can hear two more tracks.

    Thank for your comment

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    Re: Adam's Theme again

    Your other two pieces are as great as Adam´s Theme. I find your arrangements and your style of composition very impressive. You use very beautiful harmoniums and very gentle crossings. It is a joy to listen to the songs. As already mentioned I hope for being allowed to hear soon more of you.



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