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Topic: Mac and Digital Performer

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    Mac and Digital Performer

    The recent survey showed that 102 folks are using a PC with GPO and 28 of you are using Macs.

    I haven't heard much music on this forum produced on a Mac unless it was an oversight of mine not noticing the equipment used for production. It seems that most Logic folks are experiencing GREAT trauma and I don't want to be one of them since I have used Logic since inception. It's too bad that the NI Kompakt player doesn't get along with Logic and Macs.....so,

    What part of the 28 survey folks that use Macs use DIGITAL PERFORMER as a sequencer with GPO? Is it any friendlier than any of the other programs? When I say programs I am excluding Finale and Sibelius because they are notation programs and don't have as much control over MIDI functions as dedicated sequencers. I know some are using them with GPO and it may get better, but for now I think a dedicated sequencer is probably the best way to go. I am a great user of both Finale and Sibelius, so I know their capabilities.

    Anyway, I have completed a research project for a PC setup and have had great input from this list (community) for a SOUND, (no pun intended) WORKING environment for GPO.

    I want to stay with a new, faster Mac so this is the reason for my last gasp at using a setup that will work with GPO. If any of you have posted music on the forum, please direct my attention to it--the Mac has such great promise for producing good music. I know, in the last 16 years, it has done that for me in the MIDI world and my CDs have fooled a lot of people even though they were produced with MIDI sound modules (Roland, of course).

    Any input will be greatly appreciated. I appeal to all of you that are having success with GPO and the Mac.

    Respectfully, John Cannon

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    Re: Mac and Digital Performer

    I don't have much time right now to go into length, but if you look on the demo portion of this the GPO forum, you will find my Vivaldi Concerto. This was done on a single processor G4 with Digital Performer 4.12. I've had few problems with the interaction between DP and GPO. The only difficulties I've had were in the number of instruments that can be used without CPU overload. NI has a new version of the Kontakt player in beta now. It shouldn't be too long hopefully before its release. I feel that if you are thinking of purchasing a G5, and it should be a dual CPU version, you should have no problems doing almost anything you wish. DP is a wonderful, totally complete, but very musician friendly hunk of software. I think you will be happy with the DP, GPO, G5 combo. By the way, you should also purchase as much ram as you can afford. That has made a significant difference for me.

    Good luck, and if we can be of any more help, don't hesitate asking.

    p.s. You can also find my piece "The Humbling of Job" on the Garritan site. Look for my name under the "Living Composers" demo page.

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    Thumbs up Re: Mac and Digital Performer

    I own both Logic and DP and run them on a Mac. Its a long story to explain why I own both. The bottom line is that I was convinced by others at one point that Logic would be the answer to any lingering frustrations I had previously about DP. I was also convinced that since Apple owns Logic..that would be the solid Mac DAW to use going forward. So I did a competitive upgrade to Logic. However, after having worked with both of them for a little while, I'm absolutely back to being a DP-fanatic through and through. I don't plan on using Logic much now unless Apple makes landmark-breakthrough changes in Logic..in years to come. DP is, IMHO, the most eleagant and thorough DAW/Sequencer on the market. Just my opinion...everyone has one. If you're going to use a mac, then in my mind there is no question..you should get DP.....it still wins the contest..if there is one...for me anyway.

    That being said, DP is not perfect, it does have a few issues. In particular it is a bit more CPU hungry than Logic. It also seems to have a couple Virtual Instrument's that don't quite work right with it (I haven't had that problem, but some people complain about this). For a long time it was criticized for not directly supporting VST plugins, but now Logic doesn't support them directly either.

    By and large, it works fine. It certainly works fine with GPO. After putting both Logic and DP through the paces...I find the DP GUI to be a joy to work with and the Logic GUI to be a kludge..just my opinion. There are some Logic experts out there that love it to death...so its all about what you're used to I guess... DP definitely has a few features useful for film scoring which are entirely absent from Logic. So bear that in mind if you plan to do video or film scoring work. You can use either one for that task, but by and large...DP is the winner for that job.

    Regarding PC and Mac...I hope we don't get a stupid Mac vs PC war going on here. They both work fine. I have both in my studio and use them both...and I happen to use my mac for my DAW. I happen to think DP is the best DAW...so therefore I use a mac. And recently, I am flat out in love with OSX. But all that being said..WinXP is also pretty cool and works fine for audio if you set it up right. Just looking at the statistics shows just how many happy PC music users there are out there... So it can be done. I think you gotta make your decision based more on the specific DAW you would like to use. If you want Cubase or Sonar, use a PC. If you want DP or Logic, use a mac. They will all work fine...and work fine with GPO.

    With ONE exception, Logic does have that bloody GUI offset bug...which I'm not sure if it has been fixed since I have all but gone back to using DP.

    One thing to consider is running GPO on a standalone PC...while you run your DAW on a mac (or another PC). PC's are getting cheap enough that you could setup a GPO PC for maybe $1500 and leave the CPU free on your main DAW machine. Having a stand-alone Mac for that kind of purpose might be a bit cost prohibitive.
    "Music is a manifestation of the human spirit similar to a language. If we do not want such things to remain dead treasures, we must do our utmost to make the greatest number of people understand their secrets" -- Zoltan Kodaly

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    Re: Mac and Digital Performer

    GPO seems to work just fine on my dual 1.25 G4 and DP4.12. I do have some problems with my system, but these issues been with me since my Mac SE30 and Performer 1.3.

    Generally the machine is well-behaved, but when there IS a problem, tracing it is much harder than on the PC platform, IMHO.

    But I find DP to be generally intuitve and simple to work with, though certain idiosyncratic traits drive me nuts - it's easy to set up an exact edit range, but equally easy to have the program change it for you -without asking. Didn't used to do that, but the last versions (since DP3) don't ask, don't tell. One mouse click can reset the edit points to the current tick, with no way t o get back (you haven't CHANGED anything, as far as the system is concerned, so Undo will not revert the selection.)

    Still, I find it much more Logical than Logic. A few years back, I had considered switching because Logic was the only cross-platform sequencer that looked and worked the same on both platforms, but Apple screwed that one for me!

    If you're going Mac, I recommend DP despite the poor tech support. But then, I'm quite comfortable with the DP paradigm, and find other sequencers more difficult just because I know DP so well - this would be equally true, I'm sure, if I had started with Logic and wanted to switch to DP - I'd be praising Logic; we like the one we know, so take all this with a grain of assault - er, salt...


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    Re: Mac and Digital Performer

    John, while it's true that Native Instruments and Macs aren't as great, GPO's integration with DP works very well. I personally love DP4, talk about friendly. On the "Living Composers" page, my demo "Winter" was done with GPO and DP4. I don't have the resources to play it all in real time with multiple instances, instead I rendered the MIDI as audio and then mixed the audio, which works more easily for me (Also I don't have the recommended amount of RAM for either application, so this also operates as a work-around). Hope that helps...

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    Re: Mac and Digital Performer

    MOTUÕs support is not the best, but the Unicorn Nation forum is almost as great as this one. It has been down for over a month now, they had to change hosts without notice and IÕm sure there were a lot of problems. But it is supposed to be up in a week or so and you will find all the help you need there. A couple of MOTU employs frequent it and they have some people on there who are truly brilliant.

    Unicorn Nation

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    Re: Mac and Digital Performer

    I use DP on a Mac G4 dual 1.0 ghz machine and GPO in a separate stand alone PC with sounds being piped into DP via ADAT lightpipes from the RME sound card in the PC. I love the setup, and sorry guys, but I am again posting a link to my very first project ever with midi and GPO. I copied this Dvorjak piece by ear. With no music lessons and the ability to finally express myself musically after all these years, thanks to GPO, you bet I'm proud. Although still humbled by the gift I still have tons more to learn.


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    Re: Mac and Digital Performer

    I copied this Dvorjak piece by ear. With no music lessons and the ability to finally express myself musically after all these years, thanks to GPO, you bet I'm proud.

    If you produced this just by ear, I'd say you should have been studying seriously a long time ago. A very excellent result for your first try with
    GPO. Keep it up DPDAN, you'll be amazed at the improvement you will accomplish just by scoring practice. If you read music, give us some more GPO adaptations. If you don't read, learn because you will then be able to unleash all that talent you have and do a lot of original scores.

    Keep writing DP and study, study, study!


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    Re: Mac and Digital Performer

    Wow Jmcannon, thank you very much for your kind words. I have been down lately and your post just made me feel better. I can't stress how thankful and humbled I am by the gift that God blessed me with. I think you are right when you say "learn to read" because I could sure make music with GPO alot faster than I do. It's so frustrating to hear it all in my head so easily, but not know anything when people start using all the terms like divis and lagatto .... stuff like that. Of course I do know some of those terms, but it's so frustrating because I do hear things. Now I really have a deep desire to learn more. We all need to make sure that at least half of our posts are about praising someone! Thank you again! I am going to call my friend Rick Zelle, he is a great pianist and teaches piano, I am going to start piano lessons with him. I guess 48 years of age is not too late. That's what everyone has always told me. I recorded Rick's jazz CD about two years ago, and I just put two string parts on one of the songs about a month ago for kicks. He was really impressed, I too think it really adds alot. Enough gabbing from me,, thank you so much for your compliments.

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    Re: Mac and Digital Performer

    Now, the earlier versions of Mosaic were another matter ---
    C'mon, Erstinen, that was a great program - and free as well (at least later.) If they would release an OSX version, I'd glom onto it in a heartbeat - the only notation program that makes lyric entry (relatively) simple, and it didn't crash my Mac any more than DP...

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