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Topic: Very Odd..annoying random Midi Bug??? Help?

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    Question Very Odd..annoying random Midi Bug??? Help?

    OK....i have never expreienced this before until recently. Running GS 2.54 on XP. Pentium 4 3.2GHz, 1GB RAM. When I am runnning a sequence out from my sequencer Digital Performer on a MAC, I will get random midi data being either sent (or received) to channels that are not even enabled in the sequencer and Gigastudio will play notes that were never sent from the sequencer, or will play a random string of midi notes sent on Port 1 Channel 1, and play them randomly on Port 3, Channel 4 during playback. Seems to happen at faster tempos when I have more than 5 or six different midi channels playing back at once.

    I was laying down some string tracks all loaded in Port 1 on a project. I had only those tracks play enabled in the sequencer. The test playback went fine. Then in the middle of recording...I all of a sudden heard weird percussion effects and instruments from Port 3 playing and getting stuck without midi off signals.

    All percussion midi tracks were disabled in the sequencer. The midi ports were NOT linked in gigastudio and I could not reproduce the problem exactly a second time. The next time, I got random notes coming from port 2 instead. I rebooted...everything was fine for about 10 minutes, then it started happening again. Never the same random notes twice.

    Any thoughts on why this odd possessed behavior is happening in Gigastudio.

    (I can't wait for GS 3...hoping it will fix these annoying midi bugs.)
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: Very Odd..annoying random Midi Bug??? Help?

    Fortunately, I can't say that I've experienced that bug.

    You might double check that your cables are in tight. You might also check that your midi card is plugged in well. If you have any brick power supplies, make sure they're secure too.

    It's also possible that your Giga PC has a too weak a power supply for all of the CPU/HD/Audio that you have going on. That might trigger spurrious behavior.

    Note that I'm leaning toward hardware. Software bugs are usually more repeatable, or shared with more people.

    Best of luck!

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