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Topic: New Orchestral Demo - Mixed styles

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    Smile New Orchestral Demo - Mixed styles

    Hey all...I just finished another cue for submission for a potential project that I wanted to share. This one was a real bear to finish. I had so much going on with the virtual synths, plug-ins (instrumental and effects), as well as live + synth...I didn't think my Dual G4 MAC was going to make it. My two G4 processors were maxing out almost the whole time recording and mixing. (Oh I am waiting for that Dual 3GHZ G5)

    But I was a able to finish finally...I may still want to tweak the end a bit and clean the mix up...but for now I need to get my ears off of it for a day. Any comments are welcome.

    Stylistically, it is kind of all over the place on purpose due this being a specific demo for a specific project.

    http://www.brianralston.com/Music.html to go to the music page for Brianralston.com

    It is in the Action Adventure section and is entitled. "Serenity Project".

    Giga and VI Libraries used:

    Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings
    Stormdrum (Both Intakt and Kompakt players - AU plugins)
    SAM Brass, and their free Timpani and Stomps
    Live electric guitar with Amplitube plugin in OSX
    Live Accoustic Guitar
    Live Fiddle
    UAD-1 plugins for effects and processing
    Quantum Leap Guitars
    Hardcore Bass (AU plugin)
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: New Orchestral Demo - Mixed styles

    Hey, it sounds great!

    Beginning it with a real instrument does wonder. And of course later the mixing of live and sampled instruments works very well. Nice slide guitar.
    I would suggest rising the level of the guitar solo and lowering the distorded chords a bit, they muddy things a bit up.
    I don´t like the horn rip at 1:48, it sounds too clichéed to me. To me it sounds "added" or alien.
    This is really the way to go, isn´t it? Putting in some real instruments really lets these sampled orchestras come to live.
    Good work.

    - Mathis

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    Re: New Orchestral Demo - Mixed styles


    Thank you for your comments & suggestions. When one has been listening to the same thing over and over again for a couple days, it all becomes a wash to my ears. Having an outside objective ear and some time away from it helps a lot. Thank you.

    I have revised the guitar levels in the mix and have uploaded a new MP3 file with the revised mix. Good call.
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: New Orchestral Demo - Mixed styles

    Yes, good mix now. The guitars sit perfectly in the mix.

    Was the guitar in the last part there already before? I don´t remember that. It sounds very good that way.

    Please tell about the project, I´m curious.

    - M

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