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Topic: Any issues with Pristine Spaces?

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    Any issues with Pristine Spaces?

    In another thread, I noticed a bunch of folks were using Pristine Spaces. I didn't want to hijack that thread, so I'm starting a new one. I tried using SIR, but for me it's just not working. I have to bump up my latency to > 60ms to get it to work semi-decently. Is Pristine Spaces a big improvement over this? I hear you can use it real time - is this true? Are there any pitfalls with Pristine Spaces I should be aware of before taking the plunge?

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    Re: Any issues with Pristine Spaces?

    I find it an excellent tool. On my Athlon 2800 DAW I currently have two instances of Pristine Space with impulses from Numerical Sound, along with 14 Waves EQ's, 2 SoundStages, 11 Waves S1's and occasional compressors. All this on input channels and busses while I play back the midi tracks (Giga on separate machines with adat links). I typically use 6 msec latency, but occasionally I use larger buffers for bouncing, or smaller (without PS) for more accurate midi tracking.

    I highly recommend Pristine Space.

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    Re: Any issues with Pristine Spaces?

    I just purchased Pristine Space, and so far, so good. I had problems with SIR, too, but so far none of those problems have surfaced with Pristine Space. It seems to be a workable, inexpensive impulse reverb. Also, the SIR impulses should work with PS, but I have yet to try them.

    Please note I've only tested it on a few tracks, so my report is far from comprehensive.

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    Re: Any issues with Pristine Spaces?

    I have used PS on many projects with zero problems. It is a great plug for the money...

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    Re: Any issues with Pristine Spaces?

    Cool!!! Thanks for the replies.

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    Thumbs up Re: Any issues with Pristine Spaces?

    Highly recommended - I just set up a six-channel impulse on a 5.1 mix. It runs/convolves in near-real time, and doesn't ever complain. Do yourself a favor and pick up Spirit Canyon Audio's "Spektral Relativity".
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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