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Topic: Roland L-CDX-Series.

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    Question Roland L-CDX-Series.

    Does the Roland L-CDX-Series contain all samples from the L-CDP-Series , or only a selection of the samples of the L-CDP-Series?

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    Question Re: Roland L-CDX-Series.

    Does nobody have an answer to my question?

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    Re: Roland L-CDX-Series.

    I believe that it is only a selection.

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    Re: Roland L-CDX-Series.

    I think it's a selection too, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

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    Re: Roland L-CDX-Series.

    I'm 99% sure.

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    Re: Roland L-CDX-Series.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Dorsch
    I believe that it is only a selection.
    I realize that this is an ancient topic, but would anyone know if it's just a selection of the instruments, or do the instruments themselves have stripped down (less) samples?

    Also, are all the string layers included, or are the strings stripped down (this is what I'm actually interested in).


    John DeBorde

    Composer of Music for Film, TV and Interactive Media

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    Re: Roland L-CDX-Series.

    Wow this topic seems to pop up from time to time, and nobody has ever had a defiinitive answer!

    I'm curious myself.

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