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Topic: GPO on XP versus XP Pro

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    GPO on XP versus XP Pro

    I was thinking of getting Windows XP Pro for GPO. Does anybody know if it makes any difference? I already have regular XP home edition or whatever it is called.

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    Re: GPO on XP versus XP Pro


    I think you'll find that XP pro will be just fine. I've been using it for a while now. You might like to consider tweaking it though - check out www.MusicXP.net - sadly, it's full of annoying advertising these days, but it's still a good site.


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    Re: GPO on XP versus XP Pro

    For the purposes of GPO, XP Home and XP Pro should be indistinguisable. I run GPO on XP Home.
    XP Pro offers more networking flexibility and support for dual processors, but that's about it.

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