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Topic: Tips for importing giga instruments?

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    Tips for importing giga instruments?

    I'm trying to import some giga instruments, specifically the gigapiano and the Trachtman Steinway into kontakt, but certain features aren't working, most notably the pedal layers. Also, i'm getting some weird velocity fluctuations (sounds too soft then gets WAY LOUD at higher velocities).

    Any tips appreciated. I've tried both kontakt and translator conversions, with different but still spotty results.


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    Re: Tips for importing giga instruments?

    Are u using the latest version? 1.53? Rich

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    Re: Tips for importing giga instruments?

    i tried it yesterday with 1.52. haven't had a chance to try it with 1.53 yet, but i didn't see that in the list of what's new.
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    Re: Tips for importing giga instruments?

    I like Kontakt a lot, but I am afraid that none of the versions released so far can convert GIG properly. It appears that it must be very difficult to solve this matter, or they would have done so.
    The best convertion that I was able to get was using Kontakt itself to convert the GIG files, not by using cdxtract or translator.
    But I could never convert release samples or other advanced caracteristics of the sounds that I imported. They always sound very different when converted.

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