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Topic: KOMPAKT sound library management ????

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    KOMPAKT sound library management ????

    As others have remarked here, NI support and documentation is not the best - although the product (Kompakt, in my case) seems OK.

    I have a couple of basic questions not covered in the manual:

    - If I want to add or remove sounds from the library, should I just drag them in or out of the Library folder? What about the file called
    "Kompaktlibr_part1.nks"? What does this file do? Is it necessary? If I try to open it it opens as an Excel file with garbage characters. ???? I suspect this is the actual audio data, since it's so big. How to trim it, removing sounds I don't want?

    - Why is the Filemaker Pro demo installed with Kompakt? What use is it for Kompakt? (I tried opening Kompaktlibr_part1.nks with it, also only garbage characters ...)



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    Re: KOMPAKT sound library management ????

    Those big .nks files are monolith files that contain all your samples. Its all or nothing ,u cant break them down or remove samples/info from them. Rich

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