Project SAM's fourth sample library is pre-ordering now:

SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS at EUR 139.99 (US$ 174.99) !

This is a special pre-ordering price running until June 23rd, when the library starts shipping.

That's for the complete 9 GB library, covering all six solo instruments:
- Piccolo Trumpet
- Bb Trumpet
- French Horn
- Tenor Trombone
- C Tuba
- Cimbasso
In 3 microphone sets, 76 articulations in total.

Shipping will start June 23rd in both Multi-Format disc (24 bit: EXS, Kontakt and HALion) and Gigastudio 2.5 (16 bit).

Check out the final release information and details at www.projectsam.com.

New demos and try-out demo patches will be added real soon!

We hope you will enjoy this new SAM collection!

Happy music making,

The SAM Team