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Topic: PPQN response by Benjamin Tubb

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    PPQN response by Benjamin Tubb

    This is an off shoot of Jesse Hopkins "Humanization" thread.

    PPQN is a software controlled MIDI sequencing resolution for “Parts Per Quarter Note”. Most MIDI software sequences support multiple PPQN values as indeed does SONAR . See its [Project] Options menu, and its “Clock” submenu in its section called “Ticks per quarter note” which supports resolutions of 48, 72, 96, 120, 144, 168, 192, 216, 240, 360, 384, 480, 600, 720, and 960. The MIDI Spec uses 24 PPQN for MIDI Clock Sync, so higher resolutions which have the factors of 24 in common will properly sync to it … but those that don’t … <g>. Direct access to note clock tick start and duration values are usually accessed in any MIDI sequencer’s “Event List” Edit Window, such as the one in SONAR.

    Hardware based MIDI sequencers, such as the MC-80, and various keyboard “workstations”, tend to be restricted to one PPQN such as 48, 96 or 192. Obviously computer based software sequencers are more versatile :>)

    Benjamin Tubb



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    Re: PPQN response by Benjamin Tubb

    Another factor I would like to point out...is that its well understood in the midi programming world...that if you use higher clock resolutions...you get more slop. In otherwords, if you want closer to perfect "predictability" of the timing of your midi events..you want to use a lower clock resolution. Unfortunately this decreases your ability to nudge things slightly forward or backward in time... THe inverse is that you can use a higher resolution...in a sequencer that supports it...and be able to nudge things by very small increments... However, in that situation the internal clock is more likely to be a little more sloppy in terms of how accurately it plays back those notes you so painstakingly nudged around.

    Its a tradeoff.

    Generally, anything over 480 is a waste of time. The lower resolution you can live with and still record the timing nuances you desire.....the more accurate you will be on playback.
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