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Topic: Mother

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    Arrow Mother

    You run every composition through your computer's logic board.
    Eventually all hard-working logic boards fail.
    When you replace your logic board:
    All your repertoire will happily re-open and play normally... except:
    Orchestras & Libraries using NI authorization.

    This has just happened to me (3 days ago).
    So, I re-installed and re-authorized a library at NI.
    The library will open as a plugin in new Logic songs.
    But my past repertoire created with these NI libraries will NOT load patches & re-open.*

    Something to think about as you 'save' your work.

    If anyone has a clue to this mystery (I'm waiting to hear back from NI) then thanks for posting.

    *I get parse & other errors and logged kernel address/NIaudiounit crashes, (I think, I'm not a programmer). Keep in mind the rest of the repertoire using 9 other developers' libraries loads & plays normally.

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    Re: Mother

    Can I assume everyone reading this post is also at the mercy of NI, and doesn't have clue what to do once their mother board fails? Apparently you replace the board but then you have zero access to all your repertoire.

    I'd like to hear otherwise from someone in the know.

    EW? NI? ZeroG?

    Day 5 - rings bell at shop again. Then potters over to NI to bump this up.

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    Re: Mother

    Hi fade,

    Sorry to hear about your problems.

    Check out the What happened to the instruments in my song setup? in the EW Forum. This may be your problem in that you used earlier versions to create your songs. From my understanding, any new songs will reload appropriately but any created with the older versions will not load up the correct instruments.

    BTW, as a matter of habit, I've been saving the multis with each project I work on simply as a precaution. I haven't been bit by this as a result. However, I was doing thing ever since I switched from a PC to a Mac last year. My VST's did not automatically come up since Logic is AU only. I even go to the trouble of listing each instrument used as well. This way, I can at least rebuild my songs if I ever have a situation where I have problems loading them.

    HTH and good luck,

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    Re: Mother

    Hi FV, Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

    Hi Rhys at EW, thanks for the suggestion in your email.


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    Re: Mother

    NI are now looking at the problem.

    Yet to hear from ZeroG. I have:
    Afrolatin Slam
    Operating Table
    Koncept & Funktion
    - all of whose copy protection is now denying me legitimate access to my repertoire and to loading new songs in Logic.

    One of the issues is, knowing that if I de-activate the authorization of a virtual instrument on my DAW at the NI website, then I can't reactivate it. I'm not sure what part of my hardware NI looks at to ID me. If it is definitley only an ID on the part that was replaced by Apple, then there would be no harm in deactivating my original registration. But if NI also looks at a part that hasn't been replaced, then I will lose authority to use NI ZeroG on my DAW.

    I can't test the problem of these virtual instruments denying access to my Logic Songs much more at my end, because I can't risk deactivating my authorization to use NI on my DAW.

    Day 10

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    Re: Mother

    This sounds like it may NI's copy protection thinking you're trying to run it on a different computer. Never mind a motherboard replacement, it fails if you start up from a different drive - even if you have your regular one online - which is actually not very good for people who plan to work from a disk image back-up if their main one fails.

    You need to go to NI's website, unauthorize your "old" computer, and authorize the new one.

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    Re: Mother

    The really, and I mean REALLY sad thing about this is that you're not hearing from these companies' tech support departments.

    It's pathetic. If a company wants to engage in silly copy protection antics that's one thing. But there's a responsibility to support professional users. What if you'd had a deadline?

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