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Topic: About Galaxy 5.1

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    About Galaxy 5.1

    Yesterday I bought galaxy piano and I like very much.
    I tried it with the Olivier patch and it is more better.
    I would like to know what are the difference between the Olivier patch loaded in kontakt and in kompakt player?
    Another question. Is there anyone who played galaxy successfully on laptop?
    Could someone answer me?



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    Unhappy Re: About Galaxy 5.1


    Which version of the patch ?

    The patch is still confidential. It's Xavier Bidault/ Olivier FRAPPIER patch.

    Only betatesters have this patch and Bestservice.

    Do not share your patch.

    if you want more information go to :


    Bestservice has asked the same question about this patch.

    Last patch (4.04 version - 06 12 2004) is only compatible with Kontakt. (I have added some modified samples for realtime effects)

    We don't work for Bestservice and we have nothing to do with this compagny.

    Xavier and me want jus to improve sampled piano. And Xavier has done a great work with the pedal down improvement (and others)

    If you have other questions, please contact Bestervice.

    the ball is in Bestservice's court...



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    Re: About Galaxy 5.1

    Quote Originally Posted by Olivier
    Which version of the patch ?
    It's only one of your first patch but it sounds good. The v1.64.

    About laptop. Have you experienced with it? I would like to play Galaxy in my jazz gig. It's a Dream?



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    Re: About Galaxy 5.1


    Thanks !

    With a laptop P4 2.8 Go with an internal 7200 trs (hitachi) / 1 Go de ram and an external firewire HD, it should work. (and a good firewire audiocard)

    i've tested it on the laptop of Xavier and it's work. But i don't know in live perf...



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    Re: About Galaxy 5.1

    About Galaxy live playing with a laptop, you can do it. In my case, I do it, but without the LFE layer. I keep pedal down and pedal up layers + release layer + non struck resonance layer.

    I've got a P4B 2,4GHz with 1Go RAM and a 2.5' 60Go 8Mo 7200T hard drive, and a MOTU 828 (48kHz, 24 bits, buffer 512, 10 ms)
    My dfd settings are :
    preload buffer = 480kb
    voice buffer = 0.75Mo (disabled disk cache)
    polyphony = 248

    I reach 100% cpu use around a total 140 voices polyphony while playing (a quickly repeated 7 notes chord with sustain pedal down). So, when I adjust the polyphony of each rack to never go over a total 130 voices, it's all right.

    When i play a glissando up on white keys with pedal down, I'm very close to HD limit (i.e. 104 polyphony voices while playing 52 different notes).

    If you want better perf, you could use a firewire800 HD. I never tested it. By the way, my internal HD is better than my firewire400 HD (a 120Go 8Mo 7200T IBM 180GXP).


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    Re: About Galaxy 5.1

    Thank you very much xav93.

    Is it a laptop assembled on your request? or is there a laptop with 7200T hard drive inside?

    Excuse me for my english.


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    Re: About Galaxy 5.1

    I bought this HD separately and I mounted it by myself.

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    Re: About Galaxy 5.1

    Hi Xavier,

    Good news - our Galaxy update will be compatible Galaxy player at 95 %.

    i will you show you tomorrow the 4.05 Kompakt/kontakt update.

    it's a good news for Galaxy user's.

    i've only added the non struck in the Kontakt version.



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