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Topic: Some news for organists

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    Some news for organists

    Have just spent an extremely interesting evening with a friend who came over to show me his way of providing a conventional organ console interface for use with GS.

    I must say that I was utterly knocked out since although there was nothing on screen except for drawstops, pistons etc. it was controlling everything in GS. There was no sign of GS apart from the minimised box yet it was using all of the facilities in GS. All of this was being controlled from a 2 manual and pedal console.

    Really clever.

    All right, the samples were pretty basic and few and far between on this initial model and there is a little bit of development to be done but there is absolutely no reason why it can't control any GS sample set once it is loaded and set up to run from the interface.

    Further details can be found at www.silveroctopus.co.uk under the news section.
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    Re: Some news for organists

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    Is any company currently making such a product?
    Lee Blaske
    Yes, there is. I know a master organ builder very well, who builds such consoles. They are all MIDI compatible, however are quite pricey and time consuming to build - but all custom :-) (number of manuals, materials, design, etc., etc.)


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    Re: Some news for organists

    Check out this link for Wendy Carlos' solution for MIDI organ: http://www.wendycarlos.com/wurlynew/index.html

    It's fun reading with all the details and history behind the project.

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    Re: Some news for organists Consoles/Hardware

    I'm actually looking into the hardware aspect at the moment. However, whichever way one looks at it although keyboards are pretty cheap (unless one opts for some nice tracker-touch wooden job at £1000 per row !), even the most grotty pedalboard still costs considerably.

    In addition, the costs of drawstops or tabs is quite heavy - the solenoid type kimber Allen or Lauckuff ones are totally out of the question at about £50.00 EACH and even the cheaper ones used by the italian manufacturers are not inconsiderable in their price.

    However, I cant see why some cheaper method with regards to the stop control side couldnt be found.
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    Re: Some news for organists

    There are do-it-yourself options. You could buy a used console shell and equip with the following components:


    Check out:


    Click on MIDI Works. They have keyboards (with pistons) pedal boards etc.

    I think this could work quite well. If you explore the site, you'll see that they've even had there approach running Hauptwerk software.
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    Re: Some news for organists

    The parent company is the firm that provided the computer control for the pipe organ I play (at church) adding MIDI, full range of pistons, 99 levels of memory, MIDI stops for controlling external modules etc. It's pretty cool, IMHO, to combine 1880's technology (pipes, windchests etc. with 1990's technology (MIDI, optical keyboards, programmable crescendo pedal - not that I ever use that! - and so forth.

    Someday I would like to add some of the sampled organs, using GigaStudio, to the pipe organ. (At the moment I'm adding sounds from a Roland module).

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