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Topic: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

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    New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000


    My internet computer is (was) a Mac G3 running slightly old versions of Netscape and IE, but........

    I WAS LOCKED OUT OF THE NEW FORUM SINCE IT WAS UPDATED. It would not let me post a topic, and at least half of the topics appeared as if they were written in invisible ink. I could see the names, and title of topic but no text. I eventually figured out I could copy the invisible text and paste it into Eudora, but what a pain!!

    Never had this happen on any other forums.

    Loading pages became incredibly slow too.

    So, having come to love this place, I bought a new PC (first one ever) and signed up for a new high speed internet connection to the tune of.....alot.

    In all seriousness, this Forum is a great learning tool, and being able to hear others works, techniques as well as getting great feedback from others on my own pieces is an essential tool for me.

    It was time to update, and now I will be able to download, listen and post even more!!!

    Cruisin in the fast cyber-lane!!


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    Re: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

    and remember....
    with a 2000$ PC you not only can browse this forum but you can even do some music!!

    welcome to the PC world (you'll come to love the beautiful blue screen errors)

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    Re: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

    Congrats on your new PC. It's becoming more and more a PC world, especially for music!

    Question though: $2000 is a lot to spend on one! Did you buy one of those XPC music computers, or something like that?

    I have never had to spend more than $1200 (and usually a lot less) on a PC for music. It must be a really powerful unit and you should definitely use it for GPO. The NI stuff works so much better than on a MAC!

    P.S. If there was one thing the new forum 'upgrade' did it was cost me a chance to win the 20,000th post contest!!!

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    Re: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

    I sprang for a pretty nice PC but also got a good video and sound card, a nice 17" flatscreen and some of the new Altec Lansing MX 5021's with subwoofer.

    BUT WORTH IT! Just watched the funny video Gary posted that Dave Maddux scored. These speakers sound AWESOME!

    I am now hearing everybody's mixing SO much better.

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    Re: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

    Yeah, all the little bits 'n' bobs can add up, especially if you add a pro soundcard! My system bought this year was about $1200, but I kept my old monitor and peripherals (scanner, etc).

    Just bought a new notebook PC for my wife on Monday, up towards $2000! We'll see if I can get some music software on it for when we go on vacation away from my home studio...

    - m

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    Re: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

    Does the forum look any better after spending that much? hehe

    Congrats on the new comp... they're always blazing fast those first 6 months.
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    Re: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

    Well processors can get old and start running a little slower after about a year.

    But daaang, man, you went out and bought a $2000 PC just to go to a forum???

    I wish I had that kind of money.

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    Re: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

    dude you have a lot of money, when you are able to spend 2000$ only because of a forum you wasn't able to read on your old computer O_o

    i am happy when i can pay bills at the end of the month
    but i hope, struggle and work, that i can do the same one day

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    Re: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

    Well....I was being a little over-dramatic and (unfortunately) I don't have a lot of money. But being single I am able to dump any expendable income into music/computers/software.....we all have our vices.

    There are other reasons I bought it too. I am trying to establish myself as a film composer here in Dubai and so much happens on the web here. I was TIRED of waiting for pages to load, not being able to go places where slow Mac's can't go.

    Being locked out of the GPO forum was my wake-up call to UPGRADE!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up Re: New Forum Cost Me Over $2,000

    If your $2000 investment lasts as long as that G3, you will more than get your money back. Plus you can run GPO on it and it will COOK! In all it's money well spent. My wife and I went to cable modem access, and we'll let the water and heat get cut off before we let the data pipe go. So, it is completely understood in getting access to what the world has to offer through the Internet.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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