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Topic: BBC Stage & Screen: Rejected Scores

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    BBC Stage & Screen: Rejected Scores

    The latest Stage & Screen show has an interesting section on rejected film scores. As well as touching on the TROY debacle, they discuss at length William Walton's rejected score for the film "Battle of Britain" ... eventually replaced by Ron Goodwin (Where Eagles Dare).

    A new DVD version of "Battle of Britain" has BOTH scores: the watcher can choose between the two. Maybe this will be done for TROY ... many years to come.

    Anyway here is the link to the show. The discussion comes up about 30 minutes into the show.


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    Re: BBC Stage & Screen: Rejected Scores

    Hi Andy,

    thank you so much for your regular posting about the great BBC features.

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    Re: BBC Stage & Screen: Rejected Scores

    You're welcome.
    I do wonder whether I should post them here, but then I look at the OFF TOPIC area ... and that area doesn't seem to have any music threads at all these days.

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    Re: BBC Stage & Screen: Rejected Scores

    yes, thanks, i find them extremely interesting!
    and they're good for my english too

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