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Topic: BelaD Diva Libs and M-S mic technique

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    BelaD Diva Libs and M-S mic technique

    I realize there has been a fair amount of discussion on how BelaD's DIVA library was recorded and then produced. Some like the fact that it was recorded in M-S mic technique. Seems others think it is not good. Just wanted to chime in with 'our take' on this issue. We too noticed that it was not recorded as per the norm for most of todays current libs, but after plugging in a Waves S1 behind the DIVA instantiation, we quickly found the power in it. If folks dont prefer to hear the 'side' portion of the MS they can deal with it extremely well in S1, as the girls can appear totally dry if that what 'ya want. The combination of 'any' M-S recording and S1 is extremely powerful and creative. You will find you probably wont be reaching for EQ with that combo as you can get MS stuff to 'sit' very well by simply altering the M to S relationship. Hope that helps someone.

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    Re: BelaD Diva Libs and M-S mic technique

    funny...only today was I fooling with S-1's M-S options for the first time because I was curious...and yes I agree, S1 makes for more options with MS recordings....but Giga already decodes the MS signal, so its not *as* beneficial I guess, if you're talking about Kontakt/VST, then I totally agree.
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    Thank you for the mention and we are very pleased you are making use of the technique.

    When using Kontakt or HALion you simply use an M-S plug-in post or real time.
    It's ultra cool to sweep from direct -too- distant.
    If you speak to the front mic, DIVA is very up front. If you speak to the side Mic, you get the full ambiance of the church.

    The blend is up to the user. This effect works for both the close and far mic setups.

    Of course, DIVA by Design is 5.1 Dolby Digital - that's another story all together.
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