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Topic: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

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    Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    I am looking to add a PCI audio interface to my rig...I'm finally sick of my US-428's sketchy latency with Kontakt, Reaktor, etc. I really like the look of the new Emu 1212M and 1812M, and am seriously thinking about plunking down some cash for one or the other. My question to the forum is: does anyone have any experience with the Emulator-X sampler? Is the factory library any good? Is it worth the extra $100 if I already have Kontakt? I have pretty much decided on the interface, I'm just waffling now on whether to spend the extra money on the software.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    Re: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    Emulator X is great, but I ended up buying Kontakt anyway because I wanted to be able to run GPO with other things and because there are no libraries for Emulator X. There is also this irritating feature that makes you put the CD in every couple of weeks to guarantee isn't pirated, which is awfully strange for a program that needs an EMU sound card to run.
    There are a lot of sounds included with it that are pretty cool.
    So, yes it's easily worth the $100, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

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    Re: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    There's a 2-3 page review in Computer Music this month. Could give more detail, but it litst pros and cons. Generally, they like it. The one problem is that no one is sure that emu will release many additional sample sets for it, or that developers will support it, so users will have to rely on the conversion utility, which seems to work fine, according to the review, but requires creating a new file, so large sample sets get doubled on your hard drive.

    On the other hand, the review says the sound is excellent.

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    Cool Re: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    If you want to enjoy much deeper review, check SOS June magazine.
    Very detailed and deep 10-page review!
    I think that FM and Computer Music reviews are quite lame, you can get as much as details and info from brochure as from these reviews.
    There is some good reviews online like this
    and about Emulator X sampler

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    Re: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    I'm pretty sure this card really sucks. It doesn't have GSIF support (a typical creative thing) and they even threw away their soundfont format. For the price you can get a RME interface which supports all softsamplers. And btw you can't use the FX above 48 Khz sample rate.

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    Re: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    This card was on my final shortlist last month but I didn't purchase it as it doesn't have GS drivers and Creative told me there were no plans for this.

    I didn't want to shut this particular (GS) door (just in case it ever comes out! )so bought an ESI Waveterminal instead.


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    Re: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    Computer Music has actually gotten better in the past few months. The reviews aren't as detailed as I'd like, but they don't hesitate to present negative and positive sides to the products. Good for a quick overview.

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    Re: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    Just read the Keyboard review. Also gives it high praise. Neither review says much about the included sounds, though, or the EMU effects.

    Anyone able to give us a more in-depth review of the piano? It's on 2 CDs, so it should have enough samples to be good. I learned almost nothing about it from the reviews.

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    Re: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    I don't understand you. This card has the best A/D interfaces. A hi-quality mic preamp. Gigastudio is an outdated softsampler. And for GS3 you don't need GSIF driver anymore. And there is HALion with perfect GIGA import function. So buying a card just because GSIF driver has now point today.

    Buying Emu-X is another question, because there are outstanding samplers on PC nowdays: HALion, MachFive, Kontakt, EXS24

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    Re: Emulator-X...worth the extra dough?

    Emulator X goes head to head with all those other samplers, plus has some great features.

    ***Has a very extensive modulation matrix that neither EXS nor MachFive have, and is a better matrix than HALion.
    ***Better interface and easier to use than HALion.
    ***EXS is awful with programming, Emulator X easily tops it.
    ***EmuX streams very well.
    ***EmuX loads the most popular libraries
    ***Is less expensive than any of those other samplers.
    ***Has a wonderful librarian built in with search capacities.

    Emulator X doesn't have really have keyswitching; that's the only real complaint I think.

    Emulator X is highly underrated - it comes with a great sound card, as was mentioned above. It's every bit as good as any other software sampler.

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