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Topic: Problems with Volumes

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    Problems with Volumes

    Hi guys.I am a newbe over here.
    i just got my GPO and instaled it,but the volumes of all instruments are too low.I barely can hear all of them.I am using GPO on a PC Nuendo System P4 3.0ghz with 1g ram.I have no problems with the rest of my VST.Is just the Kontakt player from GPO.
    Any Idea how to resolved this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Problems with Volumes


    The mod wheel controls volume. GPO has a unique control system and
    I tried to make this as clear as I could in the letter, in the manual and in the licensing agreement.

    If you do not have a mod wheel, insert CC#1 data via your sequencer or notation program.

    Hope this helps.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Problems with Volumes

    Hi Gary.Thanks for your reply.
    Indeed, all that is clear in the manual.I have checked every thing that you said,but still have the same problem.
    Today I am going to meet a person that is going to check my Midi Keyboard.I suspect problems with the mod control.
    I will let you know.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Problems with Volumes

    Yep.My mod wheel does not work at all.
    I resolved the problem moving moving the mod wheel in the Kontakt player.
    Thanks Gary.

    BTW .I am really impresed by the quality of the sounds.This Virtual Orchestra sounds Amazing!!!Good Work.


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