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Topic: Xavier's and Olivier's Galaxy Kompakt Patches

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    Xavier's and Olivier's Galaxy Kompakt Patches

    Let me begin by saying that as an owner of both the PMI Bos and the Galaxy Steinway (and quite a few other pianos that don't quite measure up to these two IMHO) I am quite gratefull for the work done by Xavier and Olivier (and Michiel's support in testing things out). I really look forward to your (X. & O.)release of the Kompakt and Kontakt patches for the Galaxy. Please let me know if I can assist with any testing.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Xavier's and Olivier's Galaxy Kompakt Patches


    It seems that when launched in kompakt 1.0.3, many features are lost, compare to kontakt 1.5.3 version. Among all, some velocity controlled parameters and the accurate release (staccat/legato) no more work in kompakt.
    But the real string behaviour is not affected.
    I think we'll come to two updates : one for kontakt, and one for kompakt (with less features).


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