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Topic: GPO on an external hard drive?

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    GPO on an external hard drive?

    I currently use GPO on a laptop, but it's in for repairs, and apparently the motherboard got fried, which will cost a whole lot to repair, so I'm thinking about not repairing it and not getting a new computer either, but just copying the contents of my harddrive to an external hard drive and using that with the computers available around campus at college. Can I register GPO to the hard drive, or will it make me re-register it with every computer I plug it into?

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    Re: GPO on an external hard drive?

    It has to be installed on each computer as there are hooks in the registry for it to work. You will need to register it each time you install it. Also, you'll need to uninstall it each time you go to another computer. Personally, I would think about purchasing another computer instead of putting this program on a school machine.

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