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Topic: Louis Cartilier's "Opus 4.Promenade" Woodwind Trio

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    Louis Cartilier's "Opus 4.Promenade" Woodwind Trio

    Louis Cartilier has sent in the 1st and 2nd Movements of his Opus 4 Promenade:


    The contemporary work consists of a trio for wind instruments. GPO Instruments include: Flute with vibrato, Flute flutter; Oboe; and Clarinet. It has been recorded entirely with GPO Studio and Overture Notation on a a Mac Dual 1.42 GHz G4 with 512 MB.

    Louis mentions that " Var 1 & 2 are used slightly on each instrument. Legato and dynamic expressions are the only "tricks" used except some velocity here and there. The mood is classic but from the 20th century (wind sonates from Poulenc, Milhaud) for the first movement. The second movement uses strictly twelve-tone music although more in the Berg's approach, i.e. "tonal". In the end, notes are shifting from one instrument to another more like the Webern's style."

    Louis has done a great job of composing and interweaving the the three woodwind textures in this work.

    Thank you Louis for sharing this with us!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Louis Cartilier's "Opus 4.Promenade" Woodwind Trio


    The influences you mention are some of my favorites. You could, of course, improve the "feel" of the performance by playing each of the parts separately into a sequencer and editing from there, but it sounds quite good in this form nevertheless. Nice job.


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    Re: Louis Cartilier's "Opus 4.Promenade" Woodwind Trio

    I was out of town for a few days. It was with great pleasure that I read your comments. The only thing to say is that I'll send more.
    Thanks again

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    Re: Louis Cartilier's "Opus 4.Promenade" Woodwind Trio


    I am happy to see that I am not the only one to like Poulenc, Milhaud ... "La création du monde" using only GPO seems an interesting challenge!?! I thank you for your kind comments. I think that it would be possible to improve the human feeling with Overture by altering slightly the tempo (it would be invisible on the score, but enabled to play) depending on the musical phrase like a slight accelerando when the theme returns. I did not try to program portamento directly into Overture for some specific notes but I think it is possible. These two additions do not seem too much time consuming if it works.

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