Here's a lite jazz tune I wrote for our 25th anniversary. The first time I saw her was at a party, across the room; all I could see were these gorgeous eyes focused on me. One thing led to another, and 32 years later, after 7 years living together and 25 years happily married, here is Rina's Eyes

Libraries include Bardstown Bose, vsound jazzGita, Stylus, KH Solo Cello, Dan Dean Toucan Fretless bass, Yellow Tools Pure Guitars steel string, and a few others for pads, plus an electric piano patch of vrsound electric piano with strings I call Fattburger, after the San Diego group that made extensive use of this effect.

The mix is deliberately lush and romantic (a bit too much reverb, but itsets the mood I printed the lead sheet and put it in a silver frame (25 years) and created a CD with some other tunes of mine she especially likes.