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Topic: My Blue Sky Monitor One setup

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    Talking My Blue Sky Monitor One setup

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    They sounds A-FRIGGIN-MAZING!!

    Thanks Batz, for suggesting them, and to everyone else who helped me with looking for monitors (including all the people not even on this board).I did alot of research, and I kept leaning torwards the HR824s. I've always wanted a pair. I'm SOOOOOOOO glad I took the gamble on the Blue Sky set up. My mixes are gonna be so much better now. I mean I knew my NS-10s, but wow, the details you hear in these, are jsut awesome.

    I'm still fooling with sub wolfer placement, and volume adjustments, but it sounds great. I really cant believe the details I'm hearing tho. Its got me back in the mood to try and recreate reverbs/spaces. Theres so much more details than my headphones even. Even at whisper quiet volumes....

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    Re: My Blue Sky Monitor One setup

    Wow, congratz King!

    I haven't been on midi-mockup lately, but I'll talk to you later on the impulse stuff, about sweeps and deconvolving etc.

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    Glad you're enjoying the Blue Skys!.. Which system did you get? I've had the ProDesk for about 4 months and it rocks! I suggest you keep the sub near your workstation initially (mine is under the desk to the left). Also, be sure and calibrate the speaker levels at between 80 and 85dB.

    Because of space considerations, I've had to locate my setup in a corner of my room. Thankfully the sub/sat system doesn't accentuate the low frequencies too much being there, at least like it did before. Good purchase decision!


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    Re: My Blue Sky Monitor One setup

    The ProDesk is a very good system for the price, and it's nice and small (at least what you see - the sats - are). But King has the Sky System One, which is in a whole different league. And I'm not saying that to be a snob, just putting it in perspective.

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    Re: My Blue Sky Monitor One setup

    I've got the sub, pushed back slightly, and under my keyboard controller, Directly center of the sats, and pretty much directly underneath my montor screens.

    It sounds great actually, but the sweetest spot is slightly back about one foot. Not really for imaging's sake, but for the bass to develop fully. Otherwise I've got to turn up the sub, and then its too loud and things arent in balance anymore (its also in a corner, so things start to get muddy when I turn it up too much). Luckily I have a moving chair, and also a couch just slightly further back, so I can check lots of things. (I may put the sats on swivels and mark positions, so I can move the imagins sweet spot around depending on where I want to sit. I've thought about turning the sub TOWARDS the wall, just to see waht it does...but I'm not sure if that will help or make things worse.

    I love the way these suckers sound tho. I've been able to really dig into drum sounds for quick mixes, and over compress but dig out the muddyness and gate some of the ultra lows for extra pump/punch

    Its also helping me hear all the pops/bumps for vocals, and lets me know that when I start doing final tracks/mixes I can dig into those, only on the bumps

    Now I'm doing some Orchestral sample editing fo myelf, and I can hear so much of the sound stage and depth that its unbelievable
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    Re: My Blue Sky Monitor One setup

    After your glorious review, I checked these out. Which model did you get exactly?

    I'm a little weary of using crossovers in my set-up. I just don't trust that it will be true enough.

    HEHEHE....I guess Nick just answered that for me

    So this is a whole surround system. Aren't you still going to use the NS-10's? Are you still gonna get the HR824's later?
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    Re: My Blue Sky Monitor One setup


    That's what you want, King.

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    Re: My Blue Sky Monitor One setup

    I got the System One,

    Its a 2.1 setu you can get more Satellites for a surround set up (hows that work nick?, I think you can only buy the system as a 2.1 setup, do I have to go directly through Blue Sky?, or do they allow for seperate 6.5 purchases?)

    I'm gonna repair the NS-10s in a bit, jsut to have an extra set of reference material, but to be honest. I really love this setup.

    I agree with Crossovers, and it usually takes all sorts of tweakign to get it right not not have phasing, or even just a clean/flat enough response, but these guys seem to have gotten right. Its designed to be used as a 2.1/surround system, nothing less.

    Nick, I looked at those , but y monitor or on desks. If I get those, 'll have to lose even MORE space
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    Re: My Blue Sky Monitor One setup

    Regarding crossovers, all reasonable setups have them, so you need to be clear about the problem.

    Setup 1) Integrated speakers (LF + MF? + HF) with passive crossovers. One amp (internal or external) drives them. Problem? If the x-overs are poorly tuned, you get peaks or valleys.

    Setup 2) Integrated speakers (LF + MF? + HF) setup for bi-amping or tri-amping. Uses an active crossover, which is usually more accurate. Needs multiple amps. Problem: cost.

    Setup 3) Separate subwoofer. Maybe active or passive crossovers. Whatever. Problems: LFs are often summed. Separation from sub to sats can cause peaks and nulls.

    Personally, I like setup 2 best. If I gotta have a sub, I want the sats to be nearly full range with the sub only at *very* low frequencies. Two subs are better than one.

    But, if cost is an issue (when isn't it?) then setup 3's not a bad way to go.

    The key is that King likes the sound and has found a good alignment. Can't ask for more than that. Sounds like a great bargain to me!

    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: My Blue Sky Monitor One setup

    You're talking in general, Jon. Those rules don't apply in all cases.

    The Blue Skys have a very smooth transition from the sub to the sats, and I can tell you there are practically zero peaks or notches. Usually you can hear the sub separately, but not with this system. That's one of the things that makes it really good. It's true that the LF is summed when you have one sub, but it's doing that at really low freqs and doesn't sound that way. And the sub is powered in this system. It actually contains the active crossover, but the sats contain their own amps.

    King, you need their bass management box for surround, as I think you know (the BM box has a crossover in it, which takes the place of the one in the sub). I'm not sure whether you buy the three extra sats from them or from a dealer.

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