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Topic: Asian liberary to end them all?

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    Asian liberary to end them all?

    Hi.. im looking for a liberary with asian instruments... what would you suggest?

    I already have RI, and while good, it dosent really solve my asian needs

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    Re: Asian liberary to end them all?

    there is another cool library, it's called: Heart of Asia

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    Re: Asian liberary to end them all?

    From spectrasonics right? Is it quality stuff? Is it available in GIGA?

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    Re: Asian liberary to end them all?

    Apparently the audio version is just phrases and the full akai/roland and emu version which is almost four times the price is the complete library and has multisamples.

    Is the full library really worth getting over the smaller cd audio version?

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    Re: Asian liberary to end them all?

    Any point in getting Ethno World 1 & 2 or would one of them (number 2 I guess) suffice?

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    Re: Asian liberary to end them all?

    Thing is i'm doing this music for a vietnam map... And what i really need is some lead instruments to play varrious melody lines... so far i'm using the irish flute from RI for christs sake

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    Re: Asian liberary to end them all?

    are those asian sample still on the old Akai Japan website? my best world samples are free..

    but Best of Bolder has some asian instruments...(I wouldn't but it for them, though)

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    Re: Asian liberary to end them all?

    Personally, I really like Best of Bolder - not for the instruments, which tend to be somewhat flat (depth, not pitch) and one-dimensional, coming from Akai roots. But the Garnular stuff is superb, and some nice unusual stuff is included - my favorite is the Yamaha piano played by guitar pick...

    Ethnoworld 2 has lots of useable phrases as well as multisamples, there are also some English libraries that I found quite usable, and quite inexpensive (although again, limited velocity layers tend to make the samples a bit one-dimensional, some of them still are very usable. These are Exotic Instruments and Exotic Winds from Sounds-UK. I got them on eBay new for under $25 each including shipping, 2 CDs each - had to be converted, but well worth it, IMHO.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Asian liberary to end them all?

    Ok... thanks

    in regards to Ethno world... is ethno world 2 a bigger better version of the first, or an extention... making both liberaries important?

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    Re: Asian liberary to end them all?

    I just received Ethno World 2 yesterday, and it sounds really great. I have some of the original instruments here at home (Bendir, Kena, Sheng, Balafon, Log Drum, Morrocan Conga, Ocarina, Melodica) and their resemblance is very good. I like some of the samples even better than the instruments :-) I think EW2 can be considered a good succesor.

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