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Topic: Balance

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    sorry link no longer works atm
    Nicole Davis

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    Re: Balance

    [QUOTE=Nicole]Thought I would share "regardless of what I said on the other board!" this. I found that just simply writing on the staff program and not worrying about "tweaking" is a first step towards doing things a bit more easy and less stressfull/time consuming.

    A lovely piece!

    I envision it as the second movement of a piano concerto with a large string section playing big, fat, velvety chords throughout the composition.

    Very nice job!


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Balance

    Nicole, very nice work! Brings to mind images of a grand ballroom filled with guests dressed in stately attire.

    Amazing you did this in a notation program, I don't know if I could get this level of realism even after micro-tweaking individual notes for days.

    This piece reminds me of Brahms, whom I admire greatly as a composer.


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    Re: Balance

    Christ Nicole!, That is fabulous!

    You have genuine compositional talent, probably the best on this forum and beyond....IMHO. (I don't have great musical talent but I've got a decent ear!).....let it flow....between your other commitments. Don't listen to all the theoretical musicians with their blinkered comments. All you need is your ear for music.....nothing else.

    You don’t have to do it all now. You are young… ...in 15 –20 yrs you will have more time.

    Fit in a bit now and then; goodness knows what will be available then…..it will likely be less time consuming.

    I wasn’t going to post anymore but I couldn’t resist with this.

    Thanks for your openness in sharing your situation with us.....it helped me realise I wasn't the only troubled soul!

    With admiration for your gift,


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    Re: Balance

    So, Nicole, How many hours has it been?

    I told Garry in a pm that you couldnÕt stay away for long. This place is just too addictive. Styxx was supposed to take the month of June off, but for some reason heÕs been hanging around still.

    I donÕt think there is anyone here that expects perfection from anyone else. This is a place where we can feel safe in floating ideas, trying out sketches, talking about problems we are having and solutions we have found. Pleas always feel free to share even a few notes if you feel the urge. This is a very special place and itÕs people like you that make it so by giving a little of their time and talent.

    Now about that great piece you wrote. It has a wonderful depth and breadth to it. IÕm between students now and canÕt take the time to hear it again. I donÕt think theyÕd like the idea of me playing around with the GPO forum while they were playing their hearts out. So for now IÕll just say it is wonderful and tell you how much we enjoy you being here for what ever time you can spare.

    Take care,


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    Re: Balance

    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Garrett
    So, Nicole, How many hours has it been?

    I told Garry in a pm that you couldnÕt stay away for long. This place is just too addictive. Styxx was supposed to take the month of June off, but for some reason heÕs been hanging around still.

    Well I have cut back And I realised the source of my frustration with this was pooring over the midi garbage to achieve "realism"(like the vaughan williams thing, pooring hours over a few bars of already written music to make it sound real is not me) It was time consuming and caused much aggrevation. I have always been a staff person and I cant break from that heh. I realised if I just take my time and not care about when something is done or the realism achieved I feel much better. I didnt write a note this week accept from old paper to the staff program. But like I said I did import to sonar for basic editing(draw tempos, five minutes, draw basic velocity shapes five minutes, done) but im not spending 10 hours making it sound real. Guess the point is I think I found a sorta balance. Dont spend to much time surfing boards. Dont spend to much time messing with the midi. Dont spend to much time per day on any piece of music(this was already written just transfered). The thread where everyone said to find some sort of balance kinda helped. I think this might work.
    For things I write later on and have intentions to make sound good with midi im not doing in in a few days. I'll finish it over a course of time that isnt so rushy and aggravating.
    Nicole Davis

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    Smile Re: Balance

    Good for you. It was the same thing with my little Vivaldi Concerto. I'm still not quite happy with the violins in the first movement, but there was a time I would have fretted over it until the frustration level got to the point of...well, you know. So that's as good as it gets for now. If I have time, perhaps I'll go back with fresh ears and play around with it someday. But if I don't, so be it. It took you 2 days to learn the same thing that it took me 30 years to learn. What's wrong with this picture?


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    Re: Balance

    Between this and Karons Song I'm ready to write for piano only. You and Styxx have brought out the beauty of GPO's included piano. Glad you haven't disappeared of the forum forever! Your contribution here is too great to miss.

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    Re: Balance

    Wow. That' s really incredible. Very nice and light and happy. And amazing! And it makes me realize how simplistic my piano parts are. I always feel like I never write enough notes to make the pianist feel important, given how much ground a good pianist can cover (which is usually 50 square feet including the bench).

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    Re: Balance

    Thanks Nicole


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