I've heard and read about topics on this forum in regards to the asking price of a film composer, usually on small project, but not about the sound designers role in a production.

In this case, it is for a business (my dad's, but he is not involved in the process at all), which made an info-mercial for a trade show.

Basically, I had a client come into my home studio on two seperate occasions for one half hour at a time. I spent 2-3 hours editing the first script recording, but only an hour on the 2nd, which actually replaced the first. The total time of the recording is 1.5 minutes.

When asked what my rates were, I said $30 an hour. I assume this included editing time, but I still asked for a smaller price. I dropped a message in his iDisk saying that I wanted from $115-135

I know industry pay is a lot higher, but I don't own a 'professional' studio. Am I asking for too low or is he getting too much? Another thing to consider is the eclusiveness of my collaboration. He needed something last minute, and couldn't have done it without me.

I plan to work with him in future projects and I am wondering if I asked for the right price, to were he would want to work with me again. ( I already recieved an extra 300 for helping edit the main recording, done by another person, which was 4 minutes long)