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Topic: GPO studio & Tracktion

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    GPO studio & Tracktion


    do you think it is possible to use GPO Studio together with Tracktion? The GPO Studios show up and you can enable them as midi output devices but when I route the tracks to the studios there is no sound. I have a feeling it might be interesting using them instead of the vst instruments.


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    Re: GPO studio & Tracktion

    I just tried it last night on the Tracktion demo and it does work, however, when I play or try to record something, every so often one of the notes will not sustain as it should, just kind of cutting off. Strange... It may be a settings thing.

    But yes, GPOStudio should work as an output in Tracktion. Not sure why yours isn't working.
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    Re: GPO studio & Tracktion

    Hi Shazbot,

    Great you are trying out Tracktion as well.

    It is good to know that is should be possible, so we'll continue to figure it out. Until now I have only worked with GPO as a vst instrument in racks. Works rather well. My issue is probably related to soundcard settings. Gary helped me earlier on with Sibelius. It looks as if I don't really get the hang of all this. In the mac you don't have to concern yourself with soundcards. Hopefully it is not getting more complicated when I buy Echo Indigo.

    If you want to try out the rack thing, here is a link with a tutorial (in german) If you need help, please let me know.



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    Re: GPO studio & Tracktion

    I'll have to try it as a VST in there.

    My mother came here from Germany when she was 18. Both of my father's parents came here from Germany way back when. I've been there three times... but still, I'm terrible with the language! But thankfully, the pictures there should tell most of the story. Hopefully, I can figure it out.
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