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Topic: Entropy - Percussion Demo

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    Entropy - Percussion Demo

    I shortened this piece because I had to remix it over and over again due to audio dropouts and it was taking very long to get it right. I'd get within thirteen seconds of the end and then an artifact would sound. So I lopped off two minutes.

    I had about 14 tracks, close mic and far mic for each instrument, seven in all: tom toms, cymbals, gongs, vibes, xylophone, various percussion, and bass drum. The samples are all from the EWQLSO percussion volume.

    A lot of the dropouts occurred during the xylophone and vibes rolls and gong and cymbal decay.

    It starts off a bit over the top and then decays.


    Please give it a listen and let me know what you think.


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    Wink Re: Entropy - Percussion Demo

    I thought that some of the toms were just a little too loose at times, otherwise I really liked it. Nice sounding room. Where was that recorded?

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    Re: Entropy - Percussion Demo


    Virtual Room 27, if I recall correctly.

    The looseness is probably due to the fingering I used on the keyboard to execute the tom tom tracks. I tried emulating a bongo playing style in parts of this and played slightly ahead of the beat.


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    Thumbs up Re: Entropy - Percussion Demo

    Sounds very cool .... espacially the part beginning at 00:52 .... sounds a bit like samba nice triplets.


    "Time is the best teacher. But unfortunately she kills all her students ..." - Terry Pratchett


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    Re: Entropy - Percussion Demo


    Thanks. This would make a rather militant sounding samba!

    Must be my Art Blakey influence.


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