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Topic: Oddities importing GOS Lite into Halion

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    Oddities importing GOS Lite into Halion

    Not sure if I'm in the right place... Also not sure if there are m/any Halion users out here (?).

    I finally tried importing GOS Lite into Halion (no problems), but the patches/programs with mod-wheel controlled cross-fades are odd...

    ex) Violas Lite
    for the patch Vla SusNV EXP Lite, I get:
    1) mod wheel = 0, the DCA volume for the samples are around -28 to -30 db
    2) mod wheel = 127, DCA volume for the samples are around 0 to -4 db
    the xfade curves look ok, but the volumes are whacky.

    - Very similar results for anything labeled as an EXP type of patch.
    - For all others (w/out any mod wheel xfades, volumes are 0 to -5 db, depending on the sample).
    - Keyswitched patches look ok for volume and correct key switches.

    I mean, fairly easy for me to fix/save, but now I'm doubting myself & the import. So here are my quick questions...

    1) Are the small variations in sample volume (within a patch) to be expected? i.e. One or two samples at -3, -4 db, most others at 0db

    2) For the mod-wheel xfade patches, any guidance on what volumes should be used for mod-wheel = 0, mod-wheel = 127? or should I just set everything to 0db and move on? It doesn't sound too bad when I do that, but I thought I might be ruining GOS settings that someone slaved over...

    3) Can anyone else confirm this? I don't have Giga, so I don't have a reference point. Normally, I would suspect Halion, but this latest version seems to actually work well (finally) for other Giga libraries that I have.

    I'm sure you guys already have Halion 3 but I'm just sitting on the pre-order list, so if things work better in Halion 3, I can live with that. This post is more just an FYI, but any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks again to GG for offering the discounted GOS Lite during one of his dazed moments. Pretty darn handy when used along w/ GPO.


    Halion v2.0.3.5 (much improved Giga support)
    Cubase SX
    Windows XP Pro

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    Cool Re: Oddities importing GOS Lite into Halion

    hmm. ok. so, forget Halion 2. so last week. How about...

    Importing GOS Lite into Halion 3? Better/Worse than Halion 2.x? I won't have Hal3 until the weekend, but am interested in anyone's experience... any guidance would be appreciated.

    p.s. can't wait to hear the GOS patches that come w/ Hal3... but I sure am hoping to use my GOS Lite w/ Hal3


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