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Topic: Oh...ok...what the heck!

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    Oh...ok...what the heck!

    Damn the torpedoes!

    It has occurred to me than in almost 3 years of hanging in these here forums, I've never posted a single piece of music.

    Well, I figured I better step up to the plate sooner or later so here's a little ditty I just finished for a client. It really makes more sense with the video....oh and the Elfmanish sound was at the request of the client as well.



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    Re: Oh...ok...what the heck!

    Thanks a lot for sharing Midphase!
    Very impressive sound. Your client must be quite content, I think!?

    I really like your implementation of orchestral special effects, and your also your dynamic diversity is convincing. (and as you say it will make even more sense with the video, sure)

    One little tiny objection would be the bassoon on 0:40 -> It sound a tad dry to my ears and the sample is not breathing as everything else around it.
    Maybe it's a orchestration thing.. (I would suggest a doubling with cello pizz. maybe)

    But overall a very convincing experience IMO. Why not post some more?

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    Re: Oh...ok...what the heck!

    Really terrific!

    Thanks.... and what have you been waiting for?! Really nice, interesting writing that had me hanging, wondering, imagining what was going to come next. I love it when that happens!

    I agree about the bassoon, didn't sound like it was in the same place as the others.

    What are you using here? Can you be specific, including all samples and software. Thanks!

    PLEASE POST THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great stuff!

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    Re: Oh...ok...what the heck!


    This piece is beautiful. Definitely Elfman-esque. I hope you were rewarded handsomely! Once again, beautifully done!

    All the very best,


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    Re: Oh...ok...what the heck!


    That was a real treat! Excellent work.

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    Re: Oh...ok...what the heck!

    Very good stuff, midphase. Do us a favour, though: don't wait another 3 years before posting a new piece!

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    Smile Re: Oh...ok...what the heck!

    I agree with the guys above me
    "Time is the best teacher. But unfortunately she kills all her students ..." - Terry Pratchett


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    Smile Re: Oh...ok...what the heck!

    "I agree about the bassoon, didn't sound like it was in the same place as the others.

    What are you using here? Can you be specific, including all samples and software. Thanks!"

    Wow, thank you all for your wonderful comments! What kinda made me nervous about posting music up was the though of being surrounded by such amazing talent on these board (which can be a bit intimidating given how incredible some of the posted music is).

    I do agree that the bassoon is the Achille's heel of the piece, couldn't quite find the right sound for it, it is from XSample which is generally a good library. The staccato patch was too brash so I used the sustained patch which lacks a bit of character in that context. The deadline was pretty tight so I didn't have time to be too picky, but perhaps now that it's done I'll go back and play with it some more.

    As far as other libraries used, it's a bit of poutpurry of stuff...strings are GOS and QLSO, Brass is the still great Dan Dean Brass Ensembles, Percussion is QLSO primarily. As far as software, this might come as a surprise to some but it was all done on a single computer, in Logic with EXS24 and Kontakt driving QLSO (using a Dual 1ghz G4).

    I'll look into posting the video, but I need to ask permission to the client first.

    Thank you all for the feedback, perhaps now that I've "come out" I'll start putting more music up.

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    Re: Oh...ok...what the heck!

    Also in agreement - nice work. You qualify for the next Legolas. Oops, wrong kind of elf-man!

    Do post more, and I also would ike to see the vid.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Oh...ok...what the heck!

    Wow !!!!
    I've been listening to almost all posted demos here in those 3 damn years.....
    This is the FIRST time ever that I can really let the MUSIC really overwhelm me, not thinking "mmmh, I wish I had the library he used" or "I should improve my voicings to sound like this guy".....
    I was there, seating in the theater, lookng at some unknown movie, but the pictures were useless !!!
    A subtle mix of bombastic, intimate, muscled, shopisticated miusic.
    Yes, really, don't spend the next 3 years without posting !
    PS : anyway, which orch... eh, library did you use for this ??

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