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View Poll Results: How did you hear about GPO?

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  • Norhtern Sounds

    44 28.39%
  • Other Forum

    39 25.16%
  • Electronic Musician

    11 7.10%
  • Keyboard Magazine

    5 3.23%
  • Other Magazine

    9 5.81%
  • Link from a WebSite

    26 16.77%
  • Word of Mouth

    14 9.03%
  • Gary's Late Night Infomercials

    7 4.52%
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Topic: How did you hear about GPO?

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    How did you hear about GPO?

    I was intro'ed to Garritan's product line through an ad in Electronic Musician...

    Just wondering how you guys heard about GPO?
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    Re: How did you hear about GPO?

    Other forum: www.kvr-vst.com

    - m

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    Re: How did you hear about GPO?

    I found it thru a link, but I wish I could remember where I how I got there. Late last September, I was surfing for orchestra samples, and boom there it was. It seemed too good to be true, but Gary delivered the goods!


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    Re: How did you hear about GPO?

    I first heard about it when somebody mentioned it on the Finale forum last year.
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    Re: How did you hear about GPO?

    I was reading some article online about orchestration, and the guy mentioned some of the different sample sets he used, one of which was GOS. I did a search for that on Google and suddenly came upon this incredible product called Garritan Personal Orchestra, which had just been released but hadn't quite shipped out yet. The drool immediately began to drop from my mouth... I had just talked to my wife about taking the time to go through all of the orchestral soundfonts I had collected and making a soundfont bank of an entire orchestra. But of course that wouldn't have been very cohesive sounding and some of the samples weren't too great. One listen to the Beethoven's 5th demo and I knew I had to have GPO!
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    Re: How did you hear about GPO?

    Wow! Such pretty colors on the graph. I'm such a sucker for pretty graph colors. Of course I still like to play with crayons.

    Last September I heard about GPO from someone on the Unicorn Nation forum. I must have looked over Gary's site for an hour looking at the pictures of all those instruments, and imagining how I might use them. IÕm such a sucker for musical colors also. Then, I linked over to this forum. The anticipation was rampant here, and I have to say it was the longest 2 months I've ever spent while waiting for GPO to hatch. It reminded me of when I was a kid and my dad would place fertile eggs in the incubator. The wait seemed like forever when I was 10. Oh yeh, we raised chickens for a while when I was a kid. And now GPO has been here for more than 6 months. It's play time for Karl.


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    Re: How did you hear about GPO?

    Northern Sounds.

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    Re: How did you hear about GPO?

    Native's website.

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    Re: How did you hear about GPO?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Lastufka
    Just wondering how you guys heard about GPO?
    Reading posts on Gary's site.
    First of all, full GOS was too expensive for me. Second of all, my GigaStudio-96 refused to work on a new PC with XP on it. So from time to time I checked news and finally found what really works. I would buy, without any doubt, full GOS adapted to NI player, not GIGA.

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    Re: How did you hear about GPO?

    I was looking for some sound fonts and found a forum thread that mentioned GPO. I later decided to buy it.

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