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Topic: Demo: Shortish soundscape (Atmosphere/Morphology)

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    Demo: Shortish soundscape (Atmosphere/Morphology)

    This is a short ambient transition...it's made to be put between tracks on a album. Uses Atmosphere and a bit of Morphology. The project was very light with something like 6-7 tracks (mostly MIDI and automation).

    Dive - 1:07
    Jan Nemecek

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    Re: Demo: Shortish soundscape (Atmosphere/Morphology)

    What's your experience regarding the comparitive strengths and weaknesses of the two libraries? I only own Atmosphere and I'm a little curious about Morphology too.

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    Re: Demo: Shortish soundscape (Atmosphere/Morphology)

    I have to say that I use Morphology for one-finger effects or atmospheres...

    Atmosphere is much more diverse in my opinion...

    I have yet to find a weakness in Atmosphere though (except that LFO sync but that is a known thing)
    Jan Nemecek

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