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Topic: Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

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    Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

    I recently got my computer reformated and upgraded it to 1.5 gigs of ram. Whenever I load instruments in gigastudio to about 42-45%, I'm not able to load anymore instruments! These two messages pop up:

    "Unable to allocate enough memory for gigastudio instrument"


    "Problem with gigastudio instrument"


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    Re: Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

    I suffered the same problem some time ago. I was using 512 ram and upgrade to 1 gig, and always receive the same messages. After many attemps I found that memory was causing my problem, I compared to another pc with 512 and I could install more instrument without problems in my old pc/512 ram than in my new upgraded pc. I replace the memory and all went fine.
    good luck.

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    Re: Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

    Someone else mentioned that may be the problem as well. The ram I added in there is brand new corsair ram...

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    Re: Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

    hey aaron, i once had the same problem and i found out that it is a memory distribution problem inside gigasampler.

    i also read on other forums and a lot of people wrote about that special problem...

    there is a little program which is called "cacheman"
    try to install it because it recovers ram and clears your cache.
    as far as i remember was, that gigasampler was not able to completely clear the ram cache and left little relics, but with cacheman it should be able to work right.

    also let me know which version do you have ?
    if you running win xp you should have version 2.54, i think the problem was solved on this update.

    hope that helped g'luck

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    Re: Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

    Anymore suggestions?

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    Re: Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

    Okay, I took out the new stick of ram, and now the problem is gone.

    ( http://www.epox.nl/english/products/...oard/8rda+.htm )

    This is my motherboard and supports up to 3 gigs of ram. Do I have to configure something in gigastudio in order for it to take advantage of the extra 512 megs of ram?

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    Re: Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

    XP or Win98?

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    Re: Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

    Windows 2000.

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    Re: Gigastudio problem - help bitte!

    There's a very long thread on this topic at the VSL forum.

    You will probably have to tweak your registry settings to get more ram for GS.

    From what I gather, WXP does a much better job of responding to these registry alterations than W2k. I have W2k and I gained about 25 to 30% of more memory for GS, but I spent several days experimenting with different numbers.

    Warning! Changing your registry can seriously mess up your computer.

    See the thread at VSL. I think it is easy to spot. It's the first one under Gigastudio Topics, "Memory and XP Once Again".

    It's a very long thread. Good luck.


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