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Topic: Amazing New Horizon Demos

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    Thumbs up Amazing New Horizon Demos


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    Re: Amazing New Horizon Demos


    Maarten's Illness and Recovery is just gorgeous. Sublime composing - what talent. The second half completely blew me away. I can't see any excuse not to buy the chamber strings after this!

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    Re: Amazing New Horizon Demos

    I never bother to download demos but, wow, in this case I couldn't be fast enough to get them stationed on my hard drive.

    Maarten is a good composer/performer and he makes the Chamber Strings sound great. The second half is simply flabbergasting.

    Craig's Spud's and Dissonance. What can I say, I love this kind of music. Isn't it a relief to hear these guys explore composition in a non-Hollywood fashion? What a demo!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Amazing New Horizon Demos

    I'd like to hear a sweeping piece with thick chords using the chamber strings.

    Maarten has an extreme talent for polish. Of course all his compositions are superb - but it's his presentation that stands out.

    Thomas's music has a certain lyrical grace that I find so appealing. His pieces have probably 'moved' me the most.

    Craig is the master of harmony and versatility. All of his pieces are rich in texture and are always refreshing to listen to.

    Great demos of course.

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    Re: Amazing New Horizon Demos

    Great job Sharmy !

    Enjoyed everything about it, harmo, lines, colours and sound.

    Keep it up

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    Thumbs up Re: Amazing New Horizon Demos

    Just finished listening to Maarten's piece !!
    Just beautiful. Both composition and strings sound amazing.

    I guess this is a must buy....

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    Re: Amazing New Horizon Demos

    I really like Maarten's piece too, especially the second half. Well done.

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    Re: Amazing New Horizon Demos

    All of the new demos sound fantastic guys! Nice job
    I agree with Aaron as well, maybe in the future a demo of the chamber strings layered with the ensembles?

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