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Topic: Looking for better sounds

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    Looking for better sounds


    I am sort of new to sampling and I am looking to upgrade my sound pallete. I have QL.Silver and really like it but I feet it's time to upgrade.

    Is anyone familar with any of libraries from DS Soundware? The demos on their site are jaw dropping...IMHO by far the best mockups I've ever heard. I guess I'm just shy about taking the plunge because I haven't seen anyone on here talking about them.

    Are there any other libraries (for around the same price) that I should also be looking at?

    Thanks !

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    Re: Looking for better sounds

    Quote Originally Posted by chocothrax
    I would either upgrade to EWQLSO Gold or get VSL opus1 if I were you. If you care about woodwinds a lot nothing beats VSL...
    Agreed! I love VSL for the woodwinds!

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    Re: Looking for better sounds

    I just listened to two of the demos you reccomended, but was not that impressed. I have heard much better from Garritan, VSL and EWQL.

    I only listened to two demos, so maybe I am being unfair, but some of the sounds (xylo and woodblocks particularly) are........not so hot.

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    Re: Looking for better sounds

    Maybe it's just me

    The one's that particularaly impressed me the most were the following :





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    Re: Looking for better sounds


    Can this be correct? The DS Soundware web site states that some of the woodwind articulations are 20 layers and that some of the percussion instruments are over 100!!

    Is that even possible with current editor's?


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    You should give vrsound a try. They seem to be outsiders here but I've got a few of their products and the longer I use them the better they get. The 3D stereo effect is very unique and all their samples sound very "live". The piano 7 is amazing, I've been using it for my live gigs for a long time and I still haven't heard anything better.

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    Re: Looking for better sounds

    That bassoon sounds very nice.

    Unfortunately, the demos don't have a great variety to them. You can tell the staccato woods and some of the percussion sound great, but what about the strings? The brass? Hmmmm...

    Edit: Nevermind. Went to the homepage. It seems like they've already got some demos up.

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