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Topic: Atmosphere wont install

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    Angry Atmosphere wont install

    This is my least favorite of all things. A whole day to compose, and I have spent the last three hours with Atmosphere install discs/registration and I have not even started the whole challenge/response bug aloo-hoo-hoo.

    In OSX, I have registed the product, downloaded the new Disc Joiner and Update, but when I try installing it gets stuck in various places in the (very long) download process. Not usually in the same place, but it has never made it beyond the second disk.

    Any advice from anybody? I need to get writing!!!

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    Re: Atmosphere wont install

    Well, three hours later, several more failed attempts, and I found a post where someone suggested installing it in OS9 first, and then upgrading.

    It worked! Definitely something wrong with the OSX CD joiner thingy. Failed 10 times. 7 hours......poof!

    So I fired her up and........ZOIKS!!

    Bloody Amazing!!

    Funner than a video game. My journey through Uru may have to wait!

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