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Topic: Bowing on the strings?

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    Bowing on the strings?

    I was wondering if there was a good way to get different bowing effects on the strings in GPO. What I really want to get the type of bowing where you hear the bow going back and forth on a *single* note. Is there anyway to do this? Any info is appreciated.

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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    Re: Bowing on the strings?

    Are you talking about tremolo? It's already there! All of the section strings have tremolo available as a seperate patch.
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    Re: Bowing on the strings?

    Or perhaps you mean upbow vs. downbow - as when you have repeated eighth or sixteenth notes on the same note and get the dreaded "machine gun" effect. I've read that this is available in GOS but is there a way of simulating it in GPO. I would love to know myself.

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    Re: Bowing on the strings?

    Yes, Loogoo, what I'm asking is the upbow vs the downbow repeated on a single note without the "machince gun" effect. Does anyone know a way to achieve this on any of the strings in GPO. If not will it be in a future update? I'm aware of the tremolo. Thanks again!

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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    Re: Bowing on the strings?

    The Kontakt player jumps atomatically betewen up and down bow samples. At least when you use the short bows preset. You can also use Var 1 and Var 2 controls to give your passage random variation in intonation and tone color.


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    Re: Bowing on the strings?

    Captain Hook,

    1. In the section strings of the current version the short bow instruments automatically alternate bow strokes (as Anton stated).
    2. In the solo strings alternating bow strokes can be accomplished by alternating sustain pedal position note-to-note. This is the second function of the sustain pedal in the solo strings (the first being the legato mode function). There has been much discussion on this in the forum in the past. I have posted detailed instructions. You should be able to find it by doing a search.

    The next update will include greatly enhanced bow stroke control in the section strings. Keyswitching has been added to the short bows to allow the user to choose between automatically alternating bowstrokes, forced upbows, and forced downbows. This will be available in the individual instruments as well as the new aggressive short bows and the expanded keyswitched instruments (sus-short, short bows, pizz, tremolo, half-trills, and whole trills in a single instrument). It will also be available in the new Full Strings instruments.


    P.S. Also as Anton stated, the VAR 1 and VAR 2 can be very valuable with repeated notes but please be aware that VAR 2 in inactive in the present player (will be fixed in the next update) and can only be used if you load the library into the full version of Kontakt.

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    Re: Bowing on the strings?


    This is exciting to hear about, especially the KS solo strings.


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