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Topic: Some notes with lite libraries

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    Some notes with lite libraries

    Hi all,
    I just wrote down some simple notes blending a few "light" libraries, my first attempt.
    Libraries are SISS mini, EWQL Silver, Dan Dean solo WW Lite, AO, Xsample, Sam free timpani

    http://www.archisounds.com/theme.mp3 (4mb)

    I really appreciate all comments and advices .


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    Re: Some notes with lite libraries

    oh...and not so all together..please one at time

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    Re: Some notes with lite libraries

    very very lovely writing. I especially liked the middle chormatic passages with the piano...nice surprise.

    Thanks for making this demo I have been very curious what could be done with the LE versions of these libraries mixed together.

    Thanks for posting this.

    ( A little tribute to Dvorak at the end?)

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    Re: Some notes with lite libraries

    At first thanks for your comments.

    thanks...No, at the end I was not referring to Dvorak, although I love most of his compositions...so...maybe

    absolutely not . I love to receive such critiques, expecially from you. That's the kind of advices I'm hoping to have from more skilled composers and orchestrators.
    ok for the winds, I'll try.
    About strings I suppose you're referring to the octave violins playing again the main theme. I've used the same patch, a 1st violins legato SISS layered with 18vs soft from Silver, but honestly I think it was my way of playing that gives that unnatural feel, I've not used the cc11 at all to give expression. I'll try something, maybe sordinos.
    Thanks a lot


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