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Topic: mother intel D865PERL and echo gina 24 big troubles

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    Unhappy mother intel D865PERL and echo gina 24 big troubles

    Hi people

    I'm having a very bad situation that i can't figure out

    I bought a brand new system

    INTEL D865PERL mobo 800MHZ FSB
    ECHO GINA 24

    Windows XPSP1 latest patches, echo gina 24 latest drivers

    I have cubase sx latest version and Arturia Soft synths and also GMEDIA ImpOscar, soon as i select the asio driver from echo gina 24 i play for 5 minutes and my pc freezes, no mouse, no beeps, no msg errors. I checked for IRQ conflicts, i changed memory, i have a complet reinstall, and the issue continues.

    I have gigastudio running perfect, i tried no to use echo asio drivers and it works, i told this to echo audio but they say like is not a driver problem, and today i'm on this bad situation and don't knwo what to do, if i have to change mobo, processor.....

    Any comments, or anyone using this mother ??

    Thank you very much
    Best regards to all

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    Re: mother intel D865PERL and echo gina 24 big troubles

    This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but what about trying an earlier driver version for the Gina24? I've been using 6.04 and have not upgraded because it seems to be running smoothly.

    (P4, 2.6, 2 gigs ram, 3 seagate hard drives, W2k, Cakewalk HS, Gina24)


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    Re: mother intel D865PERL and echo gina 24 big troubles


    Thanx for your reply

    I talked to the echo techinical support, after 20 mails i make them realize that there's something weird and the reason goes like this:

    I installed ASIO4ALL drivers and EVERYTHING works smooth and fine as it should !!! I tried for 6 hours and not even a click, pop, hang, freeze, nothing. So i mailed them every test and i'll see

    By the way ASIO4ALL drivers have less latency than the ones provided by echoaudio :O) Isn't a weird world ??

    The problem could be the processor or the intel 865 chipset ?

    Tell me exactly what are you using please, wich processor and mother

    Best regards


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    Re: mother intel D865PERL and echo gina 24 big troubles


    My computer with the Gina24 card is a Pentium 4 and it has a 2.8 gHz cpu. The motherboard is D845EBG2. I have 2 gigabytes of ram in this computer.

    I have an second computer with an Echo Mia Midi card in it and I just loaded Gigastudio into it and networked it to the first computer with MOL (MIDI Over Lan).

    This second computer is a P4 and has a 2.8 gHz cpu. The motherboard is a D865GBF. I have 1 gigabyte of ram in it. It seems very stable and runs nicely with the Mia card.

    I have the output of the Mia card going back into the Gina card on my first computer. I just did this today.

    Every thing seems stables so far.


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    Re: mother intel D865PERL and echo gina 24 big troubles


    The troubles are not in Gigastudio, the issues start when i use the soft synths like Arturia, Gmedia, either standalone or inside Cubase SX, are you using any of this synths, I play them for 5 minutes and the pc freezes, i have to manually reboot. But, using ASIO4ALL drivers i can play whatever i want with no troubles at all. I reported this to echo, i think there's an incompatibility issue with either chipset 865 or P4ghz prescott processors

    Than you
    Best regards


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    Re: mother intel D865PERL and echo gina 24 big troubles

    Gigastudio may have something to do with it. Tascam tells me they recommend not trying to have GS share devices with asio, wdm, or mme apps. I use a FW1884 and send GS outs to audio 3/4 which I route with a cable back into the main mix bus. I point all my other audio apps to outs 1/2. With aark and m-audio boards I was able to acomplish the same thing without patch cords using their internal router/mixers... which I think are somewhat like your gina.


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