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Topic: OT: Michiel!!!

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    OT: Michiel!!!

    I can't reach you on both PM and E-Mail...I ordered Old Lady sometime ago and sent you some questions, never recieved response...I don't even know if the DVD was sent...
    Jan Nemecek

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    Re: OT: Michiel!!!

    Hi Jan,

    I did see your message (email and PM) but was very busy today. The transaction was succesful, the DVD left on Monday and should reach you this week; you are not too far from Amsterdam.

    All GS2 users of these Gold series pianos (OLD LADY and EMPEROR) can upgrade to the GS3 version free of chanrge, we'll announce the procedure when GS3 hits the streets.
    Just wait a little, you'll love it!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: OT: Michiel!!!

    Ah, thanks for the info...I was getting scared...and I'm impatient to try the Old Lady...demos sound fantastic (especially the last SkyLark one that was posted here)...

    Thanks for the info...
    Jan Nemecek

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