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Topic: Will Giga 3 run VSTs?

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    Will Giga 3 run VSTs?

    If Giga 3 can run so damn well, I was wondering if I can run my VSTS within it so I can get good performance with VSTS. And also because otherwise I will need 2 comps because giga and ASIO hate each other, right?

    yes, no?


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    Re: Will Giga 3 run VSTs?

    VST effect plug-ins work great, but VST instruments are not supported.

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    Re: Will Giga 3 run VSTs?


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    Re: Will Giga 3 run VSTs?

    I find ASIO and Giga to run fine together as long as you are working at the same samplerate in both applications. It may even work fine with differing samplerates depending on your configuration.

    Per Lichtman
    Beyond Belief Music Inc.

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