Those who have taken part will know we have had two problems recently:
- getting booted out of the Webchat site
- one evening, ending up in different rooms called #garritan

The first I believe is caused by servers setting a limit to the number of users who can log in from a single IP address/client to prevent dnos/spam attacks. For quakenet that clone limit is 5 before the users get g-lined (kicked off and banned!).

The second is caused by one or more of the multiple servers which make up a 'net' (in our case quakenet) losing contact with each other and so the room gets 'split' across the constituent servers. This is known as a 'net split'.

There may be ways we can solve the first problem, and the second is quite rare on Quakenet, but again there are ways to work around it (and if it recurs again, I will post a 'workaround').

In the meantime it will help the clone limit problem if as many people who can, would download mIRC or Trillian (Dewdman introduced me to this - it is quite fun and logs into Yahoo, AIM, MS, etc for you) and use this to access the chat room as a preference. This will leave space on Avalon's client for those who really can't use a client (eg people in internet cafes).

If any techies out there want to add anything to this post - feel free!