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Topic: MOL and Accessing GS ports

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    MOL and Accessing GS ports

    I got my two computers to run MOL and I have GS on each computer and Cakewalk Home Studio on the master computer. It seems to working all right, but I can't figure out how to access ports 2 through 4 on the second (slave computer). I seem to be restricted to the first port.

    Would someone tell me what to do here? I've tried a variety of things in the Cakewalk Port settings, but all the network indicated ports seem to be confined to port 1 of the slave computer.

    What am I missing? Is this a Cakewalk port setting or a MOL command?



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    Re: MOL and Accessing GS ports

    MOL give you a max of 16 ports in and 16 ports out. Set up 4 Ins on each Giga machine (not the same 4), and 8 outs on your CHS machine.

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    Re: MOL and Accessing GS ports


    I may have solved it. For some reason I could not get Cakewalk to designate a 6:Lan port, but just before I shut everything down, I fooled some more with the MIDI outputs in Cakewalk and the MOL settings and finally a 6: Lan port appeared on the list. I had just shut down the second computer. I'll load it with samples tomorrow and see if it works.



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