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View Poll Results: Which Mags?

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  • Electronic Musician

    25 62.50%
  • Keyboard

    15 37.50%
  • Sound On Sound

    11 27.50%
  • Mix

    6 15.00%
  • EQ

    7 17.50%
  • Recording

    4 10.00%
  • TapeOp

    4 10.00%
  • Other (please specify)

    3 7.50%
  • I don't read magazines, I get all info I need online.

    5 12.50%
  • N/A: Never learned how to read...

    1 2.50%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Topic: Which Mags do you read?

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    Which Mags do you read?

    Just curious as to which music mags you read?
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    Re: Which Mags do you read?

    If you're talking about music magazines, I mainly read Electronic Musician.

    Occasionally I'll pick up Keyboard Magazine if there's an interesting article. I like Computer Music Magazine but I've had trouble finding it locally... I might get a subscription if I get a chance.


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    Re: Which Mags do you read?

    Oh I read lots...Most come with paper sacks over them....j/k

    Have a subscription to Keyboard (part of a charity thing). I used to just buy what issues were of interest, but mostly the first two you list.

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    Re: Which Mags do you read?

    I read SOS and occasionally EQ (too pro usually). My "other" was Computer Music, it's easily criticized but I think they've taken a lot of the criticisms seriously and have grown and improved.

    The samples included I've never used - yet, but even though CM is pricey they've still led me in good directions with their content. And the samples/demos I'm interested in save me time/effort downloading stuff I otherwise wouldn't - which I think is beneficial.

    Yeah, I'm also a sucker for the fact that they have created a free software studio for kids everywhere. It doesn't benefit me directly - but that enlivens my spirit and is the only thing that makes me wish I was 12 again.

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    Re: Which Mags do you read?

    SOS is my favorite.

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    Re: Which Mags do you read?

    Although I enjoy any mag that has to do with recording and percussion, I enjoy Tape Op utmost. Then there are those (other magazines) like Modern Drummer and Not So Modern Drummer and Gee If Only I Could Hold Those Sticks Right Maybe I could Be A Drummer? < Not very popular. Might have to do with it's long tittle.
    Realistically, I read more books than mags. Too much debate in mags sometimes and not enough getting down to the meat of a subject. Books on recording, orchestration, swimming pools ... watt did he say!

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    Re: Which Mags do you read?

    I don't subscribe to any but I'll buy any of them if it has an article I'm interested in.
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