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Topic: Moonie leader 'crowned' in Senate

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    Unhappy Moonie leader 'crowned' in Senate

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    Re: Moonie leader 'crowned' in Senate

    Umm... it's a little late for them to be printing April Fools pieces... it is a gag, right? Please, say it's a gag!

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    Re: Moonie leader 'crowned' in Senate

    Well, the lead paragraph in the Guarduian piece makes it sound like the full Senate was convened for this. (It was a small ceremony in the Dirksen Senate office building)

    However ....


    Apparently a true story.
    - Layne

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    Re: Moonie leader 'crowned' in Senate

    From this salon.com article:
    "And Moon has also made impressive headway into the current Bush White House. Other administration officials have attended Moon events, including then-incoming Attorney General John Ashcroft, who attended Moon's Inaugural Prayer Luncheon for Unity and Renewal, just before George W. Bush took office. And perhaps more important, other former and current members of his Unification faithful have ascended to high levels of the Bush administration."

    I think this is really disturbing. I wish it wasn't true as well. And for certain I would hope the U.S. gov would stay a 1000 miles clear of this wacko selfproclaimed "Messiah".

    Another angle to the story:

    What do you think?

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