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Topic: Ot: Midi Mono-mode - Need Help!!

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    Question Ot: Midi Mono-mode (to play legato lines) - Need Help!!

    Where can I get a tool which will allow me to play MIDI in MONO-MODE?
    I am using Cubase SX2. I’m getting crazy here!!!
    I don’t own GOS so I can’t use the MaestroTools and my VSL Performance Tool (v. 2.0f) with alternation mode activated keeps switching to poly-mode all the time!?
    Isn’t there a MIDI FX Plug-in for Cubase SX2? Or maybe a free one for Maple MIDI Tools?


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    Arrow Re: Ot: Midi Mono-mode - Need Help!!

    Hey Mirai, what are you actually trying to do?

    There is often some confusion when discussing 'midi' and 'mono mode'.

    Before midi, poly meant 'more than one voice (keyed note) at a time', and mono meant 'only one voice at a time'.

    When midi came around, they used the 'mono' term to mean something different.

    Midi 'Poly mode' means one channel gets many voices. Play a chord, and all the midi notes go down a single channel to the sound module.

    Midi 'Mono mode' means one channel gets one voice, and quite often additional channels receive any other voices which are played. eg in a chord, C3 goes to Ch1, E3 to Ch2, G3 to Ch3.

    This may sound esoteric, but it's been a boon to guitarists who need to be able to do things like pitchbend one note in a chord without affecting other sustaining notes. The guitar sends each string on one of 6 channels in this kind of mono mode. Bend the E, and your C&G aren't affected because they're sent on other channels.

    But my guess is that you don't need to do this and are just looking for the old synth style mono mode. The kind we use for legato melodies.

    This job is usually not the domain of the host sequencer, rather it is left to the sound module.

    If you're using Giga 2, there is no simple way to just switch to mono mode so that you only get one note when you play two. There IS a way to do it, but it's aimed at helping people play hi hat patterns where a closed hat chokes an open hat. If you use this method you'll get mono response, but I think the key priority (high, low, first, last) is fixed (and I can't remember what it is right now).

    Is this what you're trying to do?

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    Re: Ot: Midi Mono-mode - Need Help!!

    sorry for the confusion You are right, that's exactly what I am looking for... I want to play legato-lines in GigaStudio...

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    Unhappy Re: Ot: Midi Mono-mode - Need Help!!

    no idea?

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    Re: Ot: Midi Mono-mode - Need Help!!

    Hey Mirai,
    Sorry I didn't get back earlier.

    There is a way to force a patch to mono mode in Gigastudio, but the technique was never designed for what you're after. It takes a while, and I can't remember what the note priority settings are (last, high, low).

    From the manual for the Gigastudio editor:
    "Key group. This is an advanced Hi-Hat mode feature. The key group feature will allow hi-hats from a drum kit to turn each other off. You can have several keygroups in an instrument. All the regions in any keygroup will cut each other off. This can also be used to create a monophonic mode instrument by setting all the regions to the same keygroup. Keygroup 0 is the default and does not affect the regions."

    You get to keygroups in the editor by right clicking on a region. Copy and paste your patch so that you have a polyphonic version and then simply change the keygroup numbers so that they are all some identical number other than 0. You have to do this for each individual region. I'm pretty sure group editing doesn't work in this case.

    Your other option is to contact Jeff at Marble Sound. jeff@marblesound.com
    From the site:
    "Maple Midi Tools is a free software program for Windows that hosts midi plug-ins, many of which are available as part of the download. With these plug-ins, you can effectively add to the feature list of your midi based software / midi keyboard."
    It's used by Garritan and Post to achieve midi control which unavailable 'out of the box' in your Gigastudio or your average sequencer.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Ot: Midi Mono-mode - Need Help!!

    Thank you very much, Chadwick! I'll try this
    I'm a little bit confused... I thought a lot of people were using such a technique

    I'll try to contact Jeff as well...

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    Re: Ot: Midi Mono-mode - Need Help!!

    Well, I suppose it depends on the sound you're after.

    VSL performance patches require you to play in a legato fashion (hold a note as you play the next note) in order to trigger the legato sample - but that's different.

    Synth sounds using portamento often use legato and mono to trigger the glide, but Giga has no portamento.

    With string melodies, when people aren't using VSL legato they usually overlap notes so that you don't get that 'sucking' sound when the attack of the envelope is triggered. Mono mode would stop this working. The other way people get around the sucking envelope thing is to assign a controller to the envelope attack and release, but I still don't think a straight mono patch is going to sound good in that situation.

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    Re: Ot: Midi Mono-mode - Need Help!!

    Are you sure?! SISS works great in "mono-mode"!!!!

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