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Topic: Opus and orchestral cube

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    Opus and orchestral cube


    Does anybody can tell me the the difference between strings in Opus and strings in orchestral cube ?
    I mean I own the opus library. Is it usefull to buy the strings from the cube ?
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: Opus and orchestral cube

    Well... if you REALLY need many different string articulations it may make sense. Bare in mind that their are NO legato strings in the orchestral cube strings. If you need more strings and dont care about legato you might consider going after SISS or GOS.

    Ofcourse getting VSL strings offers alot of articulations which obviously blend well with opus... being the same sound and recording enviroment. That said many, including myself, like to combine liberaries for a more rich sound.

    Hope this answers your questions

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    Re: Opus and orchestral cube

    i must say, i find it very confusing that there are so many vsl packages...

    the cube is the biggest package of vsl right ? and it has no legato strings ?
    but opus has it ?

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    Re: Opus and orchestral cube

    Thank for your answer.
    In fact, my problem with the opus library is that the " shorts" (stac., martele...) are not alternate. I saw that in "strings", shorts programs are up and downstroke. In addition, I saw in the perf. tool "alternate" : with which programs does it work ?
    Thanks again for your attention.

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    Re: Opus and orchestral cube

    Ok... The Complete Orchestral Package includes the Orchestral Cube (a large standard liberary, similar to most other liberaries but larger) and the Performance Set which includes the instruments for the famed Performance tools. If you want the VSL Legato you will have to have the Performance Set... but obviously you can do fake legato with the Orchestral Cube, just like you can with other liberaries.

    Opus 1 has legato instruments becuase its meant to be a mini, mini, version of the Complete Orchestral Package.


    Complete Orchestral Package
    - Orchestral Cube (which includes their String, Brass & Woodwind, and Percussion liberary)
    - Performance Set (includes the revolutionary legato, repetition and alternation modes)

    Each of the above can be bought seperately aswell as each of the liberaries of the cube can be bought seperately.

    Opus 1
    Includes the basic instruments and articulations of the orchetsral package, including some legato stuff. Its meant as a kind of introduction to what VSL is.

    As to your question regarding Alternation, its one of the modes in the Performance Tool. What it does is that it shifts between alternate articulations similar to when you do it on your keyboard. You simply use the instruments labled with _all behind it. There are some in Opus 1, and many more in the Cube.

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    Re: Opus and orchestral cube


    Are the "performance legato" patches in Opus chromatically sampled instruments, or did they condense it into thirds to save space?

    In other words, do they contain the same amount of samples as the legato instruments in the Performance edition?


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    Re: Opus and orchestral cube

    yes but you should know that even in pro edition performance set there are not full intervals,

    The vsl legato works like that : you have a starting note and a destination note
    for example :


    BUT, every intervals are not recorded, with the horns we should get 1000 wav files, but we "only" have 200 files for the piano layer, it's a technical limitation of nowadays computers, we couldn't load so much files in RAM.

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    Re: Opus and orchestral cube

    The samples for some of the instruments have been reduced. Whether this applies to the legato instruments i'm not sure. I beleive they are the same in both Opus and Perf Set.

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    Re: Opus and orchestral cube


    hehe, that would result in a lot more than 1000 needed files...

    The legato works within one octave from starting to destination note, meaning e.g. upwards C3-G3 is okay, up to C3-C4 or downwards everything between C3-C2 can be played with legato (if the instruments' range supports that btw).

    Didou, if you got Opus, then just check back with the Opus and Cube articulation lists (Cube, First or Pro Edition, is the package with no performance instruments) on the VSL website, and weigh if they are worth the money for you. If you buy the Pro Edition Strings Package (that is contained in the Pro Edition Cube) you may get some useful variations and additional articulations, but you also got overlapping content.

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    Smile Re: Opus and orchestral cube

    Thanks for answering.
    Now, I have to contact VSL to buy the strings, and ask them not to pay the articulations already on the opus library !

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